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Top 10 Common Mistakes When Ordering on AliExpress, and How to Avoid Them

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You may be familiar with AliBaba, a wholesale marketplace where you can buy a variety of raw materials to supplement your business. However, this online space is not very convenient for a consumer who just wishes to buy something for themselves. That led to the launch of AliExpress, which brings together buyers and sellers in a retail environment.

AliExpressAliExpress’ popularity is well known in the online space, however, as with all e-commerce transactions, it is very important to be careful when purchasing something from AliExpress to ensure safety and also to get the best bang for your buck. Below are the most common mistakes, which you must avoid when buying from this online retail marketplace.

1. Not looking at the reviews for the product

A product may look extremely attractive on the website, with stunning images compelling you to add the item to cart and proceed to checkout. But before you divulge your credit card details, ensure that you’ve had a good look at what other buyers have to say about the product and also the seller. There is an option on the website that lets you filter out the reviews from users who have also posted a photo to speak about its quality and other aspects. This will give you a clear idea as to whether or not the product description and visual representation provided by the seller matches the actual product.

2. Be very familiar with the buyer protection policy for every store

Every seller has a document outlining the policies they have in place for their buyers. If you skip this and only get to it when you track package, it may be too late, especially if the product cannot be returned to the seller. These policies by individual store owners also helps keep any kind of fraudulent activity at bay, giving buyers the peace of mind, they need. It is crucial that you buy only from stores that offer a full refund especially if the fault originates from the seller’s end, for instance, offering a product whose description was incorrect.

3. Ignoring the feedback received by the seller

Reading product reviews before making a purchase may seem like an obvious choice. However, having a look at the feedback that the seller has received will also give you a good indication as to whether or not you should purchase the particular product from the concerned seller. The seller ratings section is further divided into numerous other areas, which users rate based on the seller’s communication, speed of delivery and also if the description of the products mentioned in the listing match the actual product received. A higher rating by fellow buyers is a good sign and you can certainly go ahead and make your purchase. However, an average rating could be a red flag and you should look at other sellers to buy your product.

4. Free shipping isn’t always beneficial

If your product is expensive and delicate, you are better off getting paid shipping as opposed to its free counterpart as the latter uses postal services to bring the product to you. Therefore, they may not be as careful in handling the delivery as a professional shipping service.

5. Buying a very expensive product from a very recently opened store

Ideally, unless you are sure that the seller is a reputable one, you must avoid making any kind of expensive purchase online. This becomes particularly important if the products being sold by this seller do not have reviews from other buyers. It is therefore, crucial that you visit the section on the website that gives you additional details like the date on which the seller opened the store on AliExpress. Although you can track package and read seller feedback, this is one of the aspects you should pay attention to before making a purchase. 

6. Lower priced does not always mean high quality

You may feel tempted to purchase a product that you have been eyeing for the longest time at an unbelievable price. However, if the price is too good to be true, then it is most likely that the product is a duplicate.

7. Do not confirm the product receipt before you’ve used it

This is especially true if the product cannot be returned. With AliExpress, you have the option to show confirmation that you have received the product that you had ordered. Whether you track package or keep tabs on the progress of the delivery, you must always first use the product and only then confirm the status once you’re truly happy with it.

8. Get in touch with the seller and have your queries answered

Perhaps you have a few queries about the product you wish to purchase. The best to way have them answered effectively is getting in touch with the seller directly. There are certain aspects of the product that you must re-confirm especially the terms related to refunds and the warranty of the product. If you find that the seller avoids answering your question satisfactorily, you must look at other sellers offering similar products.

9. Raise a dispute only when you’ve used the product

This is simply because AliExpress only provides you with one opportunity to raise a dispute. If you use this for delayed delivery of your product, you could end up being helpless when you actually need it to voice your concern over an unsatisfactory product. Instead of raising a dispute for the delay, track package to know of its whereabouts.

10. You may have to pay for customs

Because the product will be delivered from China, you must also consider the fact that you’d have to pay an additional amount for the customs and import duties of the product.

Concluding Remarks

AliExpress is an excellent way to shop for retail products conveniently. However, if you are more mindful of the above aspects, you are more likely to have a positive experience.

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