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Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter Review

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Digital Restrictions Management (or DRM) is designed to keep users from duplicating or sharing copyrighted work, which includes an ebook, a digital music or an internet required single-player game on another device. DRM is a good technological restrictions practice of decreasing worry of having the content copied and sold illegally, but it is never just about copy protection.

Music Converter

Digital Restrictions Management on Spotify Music

DRM was widely used in the eBook industry, is gradually being used in just about every electronic format. Spotify – the single most used stream music application on the planet. The unofficial number I got was that it would be over 39 million songs in total on the platform. Via Bluetooth connection, Spotify music is applicable almost on all devices, including Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, TVs, Games Consoles, Voice Assistants and others.

For at least 6 years it had been successfully implementing DRM technology. Spotify allows its subscribers to find and enjoy any of their favorite songs in the large library. However, due to the DRM protection, it is impossible to stream Spotify Music on MP3 Player, iPod nano/shuffle/classic, Android phone, iPhone, or burn to CD for playing in their car, unless with the help of third-party DRM removal or music converter software like Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter.

The top-rated remove DRM from Spotify and Spotify music converter solution – TunesKit Spotify Music Converter – was highly valued by its loyal users, and I just about to try the software for the very first time and like it very much for its user-friendly interface, as well as its stable functionality. It allows its users to download and convert any track and playlist from Spotify app to different formats, including: MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B

The streaming music changes the way for us enjoying music. Spotify and other streaming music service offer their users much convenience to get access to lots of songs with small spending. But out of the DRM restriction, Spotify would not allow users to play songs downloaded from it in offline, even for subscriber user. You can convert Spotify songs with the assistance of TunesKit Spotify Music Converter, and after the conversion, you will be able to enjoy Spotify music in offline mode on any player and device the way you want.


I have previously mentioned that Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter got a user-friendly interface, which is simple yet beautiful. You do not need to spend much time researching its per feature, as it is very clear that what you can do and what you will do. All function keys are laid out in a proper way. The Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter interface is nicely done up in the Spotify app style, and the software’s elegant vector logo is very conceptualized of Spotify.

Stable Functioning

It was not more than 18 months before TunesKit – the company released the very first official edition of Spotify Music Converter. But it keeps improving the tool and releasing new versions on a regular basis, you can always keep informed with the official update notifications, and it also maintains the competitive edge by implementing new tech and features. There’s nothing at all to worry about the compatibility between TunesKit Spotify Music Converter and Spotify app. You can enjoy free lifetime software upgrade if you are a buyer of TunesKit DRM Music Converter for Spotify for Windows.

Cross-OS Platforms Supported

By customizing the parameters of the songs on Spotify app, you can get the songs in the quality you wish. The Spotify music converter enables you to customize the parameters of the song such as sample rate, audio channel, codec, bit rate and more. The software is well compatible with both Windows and MacOS, which occupy the first and second position respectively in terms of usage share of operating systems.

Light yet Powerful

Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter is a no more than 2MB download and installs with just one process running in the background. Before starting using Tuneskit, make sure that Spotify app is well installed on your computer, either Windows or Mac. If you don’t have Spotify installed on your PC, the program will automatically detect the PC and remind you to download and install.

If you have installed and used Spotify, you can simply find any track and drag the songs to Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter interface, and you can also paste the links to the search box on the software main screen, you do not need to be a paid Spotify subscriber that way, and you can drag and drop any Spotify track without downloading the songs in advance.

When the Spotify songs are loaded successfully, you can simply click the menu bar and select Preferences without the user manuals. You can customize your settings and begin to convert the Spotify songs to MP3 or other formats by just clicking the “Convert” button. After losslessly converting Spotify music to DRM-free format, you can use Spotify music more efficiently now.

To learn more about the tool, you may visit Tuneskit Spotify Music Converter official website.

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