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5 Facts About Web Development with Node.js

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The year 2018 has seen a sprouting growth of app development. Those showing interest in building applications aren’t surprised to hear about Node.js anymore. It is one of the most popular frameworks for JavaScripts as well as altogether. Node. js. has the second most watched GitHub.

As seen so far, Node.js is quite a big deal in modern-day development. So, if you aren’t sure what is Node.js used for, here are a few must-know facts both for developers and business owners.

5 Facts About Web Development with Node.js

1. Node.js rules server-side web development

Modern-day web developer salary and market rely on Java heavily when it comes to any kind of project – a business website, an app, or a single page application. As it is, Java combines the complexity of C with an understandable, relatively easy-to-master structure.

The creation of Node.js ide has enabled Java developers to code server-side applications. While it has the performance level of JS, it is the framework itself to leave less room for human error. Working on server-side becomes more comfortable seeing that developers no longer have to switch web development languages after client-side development.

2. Improves debugging and runtime on Google Chrome

With the combination of JavaScript’s runtime and that of V8, Node web development gives developers the ability to compile and execute code at the speed of light. Mainly this ability is achieved by transforming the JS code into a native one.

Google team itself has listed Node.js as one of the systems powered by the engine. The framework is an amazing choice for debugging using Google Developer Tools. That way, the performance of the page and the efficiency of I/O tasks will be improved.

Another advantage that makes companies hire Node.js developer is that he’ll be using the same language for front-end, back-end, and testing. It’s a way to reduce errors as well as cut the website development costs.

3. Node.js has the largest pool of JS library

Good news for developers: by using Node.js development, you can get access to over 60 000 materials. The frameworks library in the most extensive in the JavaScript pool. Created in 2010, it is already quite extensive and will presumably grow by numbers due to the policy of free and encouraged sharing creators of Node.js web development have implemented.

By digging into Node Package Manager, smaller developers can find a ton of best web development tools to improve their projects. There are different packages available – you get to choose the fittest one for your business. Two of the most popular ones are Yarn and Npm (default Node package manager).

4. Node.js is used by the big ones

According to the user survey report issued by Node.js’ official website, the vast majority of the framework’s users work in small companies – up to 50 employees. However, it doesn’t mean that Node.js is not good enough for big businesses. Let’s see just a few impressive Node.js examples for global companies.

1. Netflix

The comfortable design of the app and the website is one of the reasons Netflix is so popular among both American and international audiences. While having new amazing series to binge is extremely important, it is the quality of the user experience to turn the curious ones into the platform’s dedicated fans.

As you may or may not know, Netflix is, in fact, developed with the used of Node.js. Let’s see why the framework is crucial to maintaining the success of the streaming service.

  • It enables scalability. Netflix is available in 190 countries. The number of subscribers on the platform is skyrocketing – over 109 million worldwide. Node’s impressive runtime is exactly the reason why the platform is such a fit for a high-traffic Netflix website and Node.js application.
  • It is custom. Creating Netflix, CEOs didn’t only know how to hire a developer that will create one of the best cross-platform websites of today. They also wanted to invest a fair share of effort in UI design. Using the website had to be not just a gateway to binge-watching but the part of the experience itself. Node.js succeeded admirably to deliver a custom website user experience testing to each Netflix watcher. While using the existing infrastructure, the framework empowers specific user interfaces which is why the website view won’t be the same for all of its visitors.
  • It is lightweight. Netflix has thought a lot of the way to deliver their content comfortably. That meant giving users a chance to access films and series on the TV, a computer, even a smartphone. Such an ambitious task created a range of challenges for developers, such as reducing complexities and using a modular structure. All of the above has been done thanks to the use of the framework. Node.js has made Netflix into a stable Node.js web app we all can enjoy today.

2. LinkedIn

There isn’t a unified opinion as to whether LinkedIn is well or poorly done in terms of development. In spite of all that, it’s still one of the most visited tools on the web.

After being bought by Microsoft in 2016, company executives have decided to replace Ruby on Rails that was previously used to maintain the app by Node.js. The framework has been a fit solution for the platform.

The senior software engineer at LinkedIn has himself admitted that Node.js makes developers think a certain way. It is through the lens of the framework that your code is more concise and modular.

Due to the use of Node.js, the following was achieved by LinkedIn tech team:

  • The number of servers cut 10 times. Having to use 30 servers prior to switching to Node.js, the company was later able to go by with using as little as three servers.
  • The traffic capacity has doubled. Due to the increased runtime of the app, the app was able to maintain huge traffic capacities and satisfy millions of job seekers.
  • Front-end and back-end teams have united. Node.js has enabled to connect front-end development and back-end team in a way Ruby on Rails never managed to. Now the two facets of development are tied together closer. Thus, it’s easier to increase the efficiency of both.


Over the years, PayPal has become a platform synonymous to the phrase “online payments”. It’s hands down a leading payment gateway for e-commerce and personal use. A huge chunk of PayPal’s success depends on the interface of the platform and its intuitive and comprehensive user experience.

Node.js was a savior for PayPal developers. From the very beginning, there was a boundary between the team that was working on how to build a website and the app developers of the company. Seeing that there were separate teams working on the two, it was important to destroy the “fourth wall”.

Here’s how Node.js application development helped out in such a situation.

  • Cut down the development period. Compared to the previous version of the app, powered by Java, the Node.js-based one was built two months faster.
  • Increased runtime – the request per second has doubled.
  • Less code. Due to the style in which Node.js creates code (being able to write in a single thread rather than creating a new one for each request) in a tight and elegant way which makes up for fewer lines at the end of the day. This was the case for PayPal as well – there were 33% fewer lines of code in the new version of the app.

5. Node.js is always in development

Node.js is not at stakes of being irrelevant anytime soon. With over 1 billion downloads and the 4th place in the Battery Venture Index as a solution for open space software, Node.js is constantly changing and releasing new versions.

That’s good news for developers. Seeing that web development changes constantly, being able to implement new trends via the framework is very convenient.

The latest version of Node.js vas released in November 2018. The v12 of Node.js is already pending and is presumed to be released in April 2019.


  • js is one of the most popular frameworks in overall web development and the leading one for JavaScript. The main scope of Node is writing server-side apps leaving developers little-to-no room for human error when it comes to app development.
  • js is known for increasing the runtime of the app. It is also used to manage high-traffic apps, such as those of Netflix, LinkedIn, or PayPal.
  • js is at a phase of rapid development. With a huge community to share tools and new versions released every once in a while, the framework is a long way from becoming irrelevant.
  • With the rapid development of Node, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a developer. Even with the overall tech talent shortage, there are strong dedicated teams in the market that can provide business owners with Node.js web development services.

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