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TAG Heuer Smartwatch Review

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The TAG Heuer Connected Smart watch is now the fourth wearable for me, which I undergo a test. It’s also the second luxury smart watch after I’ve put the Alpina Horological through its paces. And there is also a similar parallel, since both devices are models of traditional Swiss companies that have dedicated themselves to the topic of smart watches. TAG Heuer was the first brand from the Alpine state to take this step.

TAG Heuer Smartwatch

Combining contemporary technology and traditional watchmaking, the La Chaux-de-Fonds-based Company has taken up the cause. To meet this demand, TAG Heuer relies on the cooperation with Google and the chip manufacturer Intel. How good the result of this collaboration is and what the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch can, this test report is to betray.


Even when unpacking the clock, you notice that it has a pleasantly low weight. The case alone weighs only 52 grams and is made of the particularly robust and at the same time very lightweight titanium. While the material was predominantly brushed for the TAG Heuer Connected Smart watch, the bezel has been sandblasted. Even lighter is the bracelet whose high-quality workmanship also immediately strikes me. As material here rubber was used, the folding clasp is also made of titanium. Overall, it brings this luxury smartwatch to 82 grams and therefore it is characterized by a comfortable fit. Applying the watch to the wrist is no problem – thanks to the deployment buckle, the right setting can be found quickly.

Of course, the theme of design is also about the display. Its diameter is 46 millimeters, the thickness is 12.8 millimeters. TAG Heuer does not rely on a classic dial and lets the watch appear in the guise of a typical wristwatch, but lets the time on the display analogue. Here I have as a user different Watch faces to choose from. In addition to the variants “Ambassador” and “Exclusive”, which can be described as rather unusual, says the design “3 hand” especially to me. While the former two create a colorful background in the shape of a racing car or a flower pattern, I find the third option the most appealing – for the simple reason that they are very classic and thus perfectly match a luxury smart watch.

Functions and practical test

In order to show how the TAG Heuer Connected Smart watch came to the test in practice, I start with the setup. The clock is first switched on by pressing the bezel, then the language selection for the device must be made. In three steps, the luxury smart watch guides its owner to set up and pair with the mobile phone. Because everything here is described in a very simple and understandable way on the display, this is no problem and done in a few minutes. After contacting Smartphone and TAG Heuer Connected, I had to download the Android Wear app. Afterwards I was shown a code on the dial of the watch, which I had to enter in the application. The installed apps were immediately updated and already the TAG Heuer Connected was completely set up and ready to go. Because this really took only a few moments and is therefore very user-friendly, the device collects at this point the first pluses.

The positive impression intensifies as I work through the menu. The Smart watch impresses with a fast performance and good usability. The retrieved applications start immediately. For example, when I open the Spotify app. Here are the last listened to albums and music titles on the display, which I feel the rest neither too big nor too small. As soon as I have selected a title, it will be played on my mobile phone.

Almost at the same time, TAG Heuer Connected alerts me to a message coming in on my smartphone. In my opinion, the vibration is neither too strong nor too weak. If you want to be awakened by the smartwatch, you will be woken up by a subtle shake on your wrist. And since, as already mentioned, the watch is pleasantly easy to wear, it does not bother at night either.

In addition to applications such as WhatsApp or Spotify, there is also the option to use Skype with the companion on the wrist or to use other Google services, which include Google Fit or Google Hangouts. Typically, the TAG Heuer Connected also draws attention to appointments in good time. Small drawbacks were to do with the voice search with Google Now: The first query brought me immediately the desired result. However, when I wanted to test it further, I had to repeat myself several times until Google understood me. Why it was that there were problems here, I can not really explain, because I have changed nothing and also the distance to the microphone of the smartwatch has remained the same.

The fitness features of TAG Heuer Connected use the Google Fit app. With their help, it is possible, among other things, to set a desired daily goal of steps, distance traveled or calories burned. In order to check how reliably the TAG Heuer Smartwatch works while counting the completed steps, I have gone off a route that I already know from previous tests with other wearables in order to have a comparison value. The luxury watch works very well and delivers pretty exact values. In this respect, there is nothing to complain about here.

It would have been desirable for me to have an integrated heart rate sensor in order to get even more accurate values ​​in terms of calories burned. However, the assessment has to be made in terms of the fact that this is not a wearable for the fitness area, but rather a classic smart watch, which is located in the luxury segment – and thus should appeal to a completely different target group. But I think the price of TAG Heuer Connected, which is around 1,300 Euros; I would still feel such a sensor as appropriate. I also share the same opinion with regard to a GPS sensor. This would even make more sense to act more autonomously from the Smartphone, for example, when it comes to navigation.

Finally, talk about the battery and its performance. In continuous use this lasts just 15 hours. A working day can thus be easily overcome, but the TAG Heuer Connected has to be online every day. Although none of the manufacturers in the wearable market has yet found a secret recipe for a longer runtime, a few hours more battery life would still be enjoyable. The energy consumption can be regulated via settings for the brightness of the display. If the watch is not used, the display will turn off. As soon as I turned my wrist, it lit up again and indicated the time. This always worked without difficulty.


All in all, the TAG Heuer Connected is an appealing, because very high-quality processed and smartly designed smart watch. She knows how to convince through a fast and flawless performance as well as a good usability.

Impressive is also the high wearing comfort, which is mainly due to the low weight and titanium as the material used. If you are looking for a typical smart watch and would like to call your own a luxury model, then the TAG Heuer Connected certainly does not go wrong. Basically, it should be for those who are interested in such a smart watch to get over to the fact that the fitness functions are not quite as abundant. Euro in the titanium version and 9,300 euros in the rose gold version, like one or the other feature to be more integrated in the form of a GPS module or a heart rate monitor – – Still, given the price of 1,400, could and a longer battery life would be icing.

All in all, TAG Heuer is a noble smartwatch that reliably performs the tasks that are expected of it. As the first manufacturer in the luxury sector, the Swiss company has ventured into a pioneering role and is also doing justice to this with TAG Heuer Connected.

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