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Top Tech Apps Every Lawyer Needs

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Technology has become such an intricate part of our world today that every industry of business stands to benefits from the various tools available.  In particular, there are several mobile applications legal professionals can use to do a more efficient job.

Rights Under Law

No matter your realm of practice, you could stand to benefit from the right mobile apps.  Whether you’re a part of a family legal practice, or you deal with legal issues such as fraud, technology grants you the most efficient assistant money can buy.  


Legal professionals have a large responsibility to store lots of information.  Cloud-based storage options give lawyers the chance to simply drop their files into an app with the knowledge that you can access it from anywhere at anytime.  

Dropbox is one of the most utilized storage apps available to all kinds of mobile users.  The program offers the ability to easily sync your files to your computer or smartphone in an instant.

Team Viewer

Legal professionals can use the app, Team Viewer, to tap into and operate another Mac, Linux, or Windows system remotely.  The Team Viewer app gives you the capability to transfer sensitive information from one platform to another with ease.  

The transfer of information through Team Viewer is protected by top-of-the-line digital security, so you can safely move sensitive legal information.  A 256 Bit AES Session Encoding standard means that your eyes are the only eyes that will be viewing your work.


When you’re running a law firm, there are always a million different things that need to be done.  Of course, you have aids to help, but Wunderlist will do more for you than any other person will when it comes to keeping your tasks organized.  

Wunderlist is not an overly complicated program to manage, so you won’t have to waste time learning a whole new system.  The program is extremely user-friendly and compatible across several different digital platforms.

Cam Scanner

Your smartphone’s camera is a valuable asset, especially with the assistance of Cam Scanner.  This helpful mobile app turns your phone’s camera into a fully functional document scanner.

You can simply take a picture of an important file, and the app will edit the captured image into a polished PDF file.  Scan business receipts, contracts, discussions, and other pertinent notes to your practice with Cam Scanner.  


The risk of cyber intrusion with such hoards of sensitive information is high for legal representatives.  Managing information remotely adds to that risk, but Dashlane will keep your files safe.

Dashlane helps by storing all of your different passwords to the apps explained above in one safe spot.  It’s vital that you digital apps are protected with elaborate passwords, and it’s common that those passwords are misplaced.  Put an end to this frustration with Dashlane.

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