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4 Ways to learn statistics

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Statistics is basically the science of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and organizing data. When it comes to discussing and studying uncertain events, statistics play a huge role in it. This mathematical language is very important in drawing out a conclusion. This is why this branch of mathematics is widely studied in school and is a process that is given in today’s modern society. If you are some currently studying this subject and having a hard time with your assignment, there are definitely so many ways to learn it.


Here are 4 ways to learn statistics.

  1. Avoid memorizing formulas.

Every good statistics instructor will definitely advise you not to memorize formulas but instead study the concepts. Memorizing is good, but you have to also make sure that you keep it to your heart to understand the concept so that when you have to use it apply it in real life, you’ve learned it by heart. You simply can’t just learn statistic through memorization and reading. It’s something that you have to practice repeatedly. This is why understanding concepts are extremely crucial. So the next time you are studying this branch of mathematics, take it to your heart to understand it rather than memorizing the formulas.

  1. Find a textbook that also has a workbook available.

One of the best ways to learn statistics or even any other subjects is to apply what you’ve learned. And you can only practice this if you have a workbook. So when you are studying statistics, find a textbook that also has a workbook so you’ll put into pencil what you have just learned. The application is very important to understand statistics. Work with as many exercises and varied problem solving as you can so you will be able to learn more about concepts and application.

  1. Do not cram your study into one or two sittings.

Studying statistics won’t work if you cram it into one sitting. You have to make sure that you set aside an allotted time in doing this according to your preferences and schedule. For instance, make sure to study for four to five hours a day every week, but distribute those study times in one or two sittings. This way, you won’t be cramming too much information in your head in one sitting. You will be able to easily absorb the concepts if you do it gradually and with intention.

  1. Try to exchange some ideas with other students.

While it is important to have peace of mind when studying, joining a group discussion can also help a lot. Talking about statistics with other people through verbal exchange and interpretation of ideas and concepts can help a far more understanding not just for you but also for them. You’ll be able to see things from a different perspective and have additional insights into what you are trying to learn. Be open to opinions and comments. Joining a group discussion is highly beneficial and it is one of the best ways to learn statistics effectively.

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