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Everything you want to know about modern slots

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Slots, or perhaps more known as slot machines are something that you have no doubt heard before, and how to play this may initially sound like something that doesn’t necessarily need any more detailed presentation. However, with today’s modern slot games at both casinos, such as land-based casinos, there are a number of aspects around the game that can be of great importance to knowing and mastering before entering to start playing. However, we thought here “skipping” the most basic and given aspects of the game to go in and explain a bit more about the advanced features that belong to modern slot games. You can find modern slot games at

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Slots and paylines
Most slots games you encounter today usually have more than just a “payline” (which is something most beginners usually get a bit ponderous about), which means that you can win more than just one line combination. This was what applied to the classic type of slot game, i.e. when three wheels with similar symbols stayed on the mid-row. Today’s slot games are much more advanced than that, as these often have 5 wheels instead of 3, and where symbols do not have to stay on a row in order to win. This is because the paylines can go up and down or “sick-sack” over the wheels. A modern video slot game can have between 20 and 50 different paylines, and it is now very rarely a slot game has only one payline, although many online casinos also offer the slightly more classic variations. At most slot games, the maximum number of paylines is the game’s default, but the number of paylines can be adjusted individually after the bet level selection you want to make. However, fewer paylines naturally reduce the chance of winning.
Scatter, Wilds, and Bonus symbols
Among modern slots, there are usually two symbols that return in principle always. These are the “scatters” and “wilds” symbols, which you probably heard about before. The scatter symbol usually has the function; that partly when it is part of a profitable line, it increases the win, while if it falls into different combinations (for example 3 scatter symbols or more in a row) a certain number of rounds (usually 10 or more) are activated with free spins played automatically with the effort you had when you won them. If profits occur during these rounds, it is also usually the case that the profit is doubled or even tripled through a special multiplier.
Another common symbol is the “wild” symbol, and has the function, just like the Joker in a deck of cards – it replaces all other symbols (in this case except scatter and bonus / jackpot symbols) to complement winning combinations. In this way, the wilds symbol directly increases the chances of winning in the current game.
Many modern online video slots real money casinos also have a special bonus game (especially among the video slot games) which means that there are often special “bonus symbols” that trigger these. However, all slot games do not include a bonus game, but for those who do, there is of course the information about this set in the game’s “Paytable”, as well as which combinations of bonus symbols trigger the current bonus game.
Betting Options in Slots
In modern slot games one can usually choose to adjust the bet level in three different ways. Partly by “classic way” adjusting the coin size (however much you can adjust this varies from game to game), as well as the ability to adjust the number of paylines. The third method is usually that one can choose between 1 to 4 or 1 to 5 pre-set input levels. All in all, the freedom of choice for choosing the input level for most modern video slot games usually is relatively large.
The character of the slot game and the chance of winning
As you probably know, slots are basically a random game, and in practice there is no direct strategy or official method that can reduce the casino’s advantage in the game (the casino’s advantage varies between about 2-15%). Slot machines are therefore largely casino’s favorite games in terms of offering bonuses and other forms of offers, of which, for example, the biggest progressive jackpots are paid out. However, one can indirectly increase the winning chance when playing slots by, for example, playing the maximum bet on progressive slot games (i.e. slots that are connected to a progressive jackpot) since this is often also the requirement to participate in the game of the progressive jackpot, or to at least increase the chance of winning it.

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