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Pipeline Technology For Dummies

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Pipeline technology has been working to evolve its efficiency and safety for thousands of years.  Though there are plenty of negative misconceptions when it comes to the installation and use of pipelines to transfer things like oils and other fuels, you only hear the negative news.  

You don’t hear about how technology is working to create the safest and most efficient transport method for materials which are vital to the world in which we know it.  The first pipelines were built from bamboo.

Pipeline Technology

Today’s pipelines are constructed of some of the highest quality steel money can buy.  Check out some of the newest tech boosts in pipeline technology, and feel a little better about the installation and function of pipelines that may run near your community.

GIS technology helps plan placement

A huge part of pipeline safety is making sure the route of your pipeline installation is conducive to the geographical surroundings.  GIS (or geographic information system) gives pipeline companies a visual representation of the best route for their project, and displays the social and environmental impact as well.  

If there are geological risks, the GIS will recognize the potential dangers.  The data provided by GIS technology is invaluable to the process of pipeline placement.

Advanced coating to protect the piping

High quality steel is used for piping, but the outside of the steel needs protection from the surrounding environment (and vice versa).  The inside being high quality steel keeps things moving without obstruction, and special corrosion-resistant coating protects the outside of the pipeline from breakdown and abrasion.

Load moment indicators for safety

It’s vital to protect the environment and the surrounding community when laying a new pipeline, but the safety of the workers is paramount as well.  That is why load moment indicators are necessary.

Load moment indicators give workers a head’s up if there is a problem with the weight distribution while laying the pipe.  If a machine is at risk of going topsy turvy, the load moment indicator will let you know.

Geohazard management software

Underground pipelines can face the threat of geological events such as soil erosion, earthquakes, and even landslides.  Managing that threat is critical to the overall safety of any pipeline.  

Leak detection is vital for the surrounding environment

When there’s a leak in a pipeline, the goal is always to contain and reduce the impact of that leak.  First, the leak has got to be detected. The faster a leak is detected, the faster it can be fixed.

Technology allows specialized cameras that have the ability to detect evaporated hydrocarbons dispersed into the air.  With top-notch detection technology, even a pinhole size leak in a pipeline can be easy rectified in a timely manner.

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