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Top 5 SEO tricks for any new Shopify Ecommerce website

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SEO has been the most important factor for an online business to increase viewership and sales. While many new online businesses focus on Google and social media advertisements as the main source of traffic, it is very important for them to have a long-term SEO strategy that pays off. BingCases a newly launched website leverages SEO strategy to gain traffic and generate sales. Here is a few recommended SEO strategy that will pay off in the future if done right.

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  1. Page Speed and Total Page sizes

On Jan 17, 2018, Google has announced that it factors the speed of your website when displaying in the google search. Most of the Shopify owners use high-resolution pictures that caused the size of the website to increase thus slowing down their website. We would recommend going to GtMetrix and checking your page speed. GtMetrix would give you the solution that slowing down your sites and the fixes are pretty simple in a lot of scenarios. 
Recommendations: Use JPG formats images instead of PNG. 

  1. Adding Canonical Tags

Canonical Tags are one of the important and basic SEO practices that all the shop owners should follow. Still, I see a lot of people ignore the importance of Canonical tags. Let me start with an example that everyone can understand. I have 2 links that point towards the same product.

The user lands on the same page but Google treats these as different pages. When Google does that then it will affect the quality score since that score is being distributed by two pages instead of one. As you can tell by the URL the first one just has products but the second one, we route our pages through the collection to reach that product page. 

Recommendations: Canonical Tag is a must

  1. Adding alt tags in your pictures

Google recommends having a descriptive alt text for SEO purposes. Besides SEO alt tags are mostly used by screen readers that blind and visually impaired people use, that provides a better description of the picture.

Recommendations: Have descriptive alt tags to all your images

  1. Adding Structured data

Google encourages websites owners to use structured data and reward those who implement structured data correctly on their websites. If you want to learn more benefits about structured data then visit I’ll be teaching you how to implement structured data for your products page. Your theme might already have it already implemented or not. You have to contact the theme provider or check the structured data in your website through the Structured Data Testing Tool that Google provides.

Recommendation: Structured data definitely helps you to get rewarded from Google

  1. Appropriate Title Page

Title tags are HTML elements that give an insight into a webpage. The title tag has to be very precise and accurate. It is very important for a webpage to find the title tag for the page that matches the content of the page. The title page for Marble iPhone Case matches the content of the page. Here on this page, the user lands in the collection of marble iPhone cases and not anything else. Google also considers the landing page experience and it helps to keep the bounce rate low for the website.

Recommendations: Use accurate and relevant title tags

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