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Why investors need to pay special emphasis on the earning season?

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Public limited companies go on to release report cards of their own. These reports analyse the performance of a company. During the earning seasons you are expected to witness massive coverage as this is the time period when companies release their earnings report. There are some important things to be aware about earnings date amz that are as follows:

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More about the earning season?

Once a calendar quarter ends the earning season starts off a couple of weeks after that. Typically this would go on to last for 6 weeks. Most of the times the company is going to showcase a press release that would depict the company sales and profits.Though this is not a fundamental SEC requirement.

The press release might also be forward looking in nature, as how a company expects things to be in the future. The company goes on to issue a press release before the market opens and after it closes. In certain cases some of them even go on to hold conference calls. During the course of these calls management throw more colour on the quarter and how about the future performance of the company.

Though a customary trend is companies go on to publish customary reports, the trend is not to follow this course. In case if the results are positive the companies would be eager to disseminate the information as soon as possible. If the results are negative it provides an opportunity to pursue the investors.

The stocks and the earning season

The time of earnings seasons in the stock market could be volatile and active in the stock market. Even before the earnings are released a company comes up with its own analysis on how a stock is expected to perform in the coming days.

If a company goes on to perform better than the desired estimate, it would be termed as beating the estimate. This would cause the stock value of a company to jump. If earnings are weaker than the estimates this would force the stock value to plummet. On the other side of the coin if the estimates would comply with the standards it is termed as being line with the set parameters.

To merely beat the estimates is not the only way where the value of a stock might increase. In certain cases the estimates would cross the standard, but in the coming quarter emergence of a dour outlook would force stock prices to drop. For this precise reason it is important to look at an earnings report in the affirmative.

The logic of earnings report

An interesting trend is observed on how companies plan to schedule their earnings report. In case if the company goes on to schedule their report much earlier it obviously means that the company is doing good as the earnings are higher than expected. The share value of the company increases at a considerable level. On the other spectrum if a company delays their reports it points to a bad sign. Most of the company have obvious signs whether a report is going to be good or bad before even choosing a day for their earnings date. Surprisingly the market tends to overlook when the marketing day is moving forward or backward. This would be a powerful cue on how good or bade the results could emerge. At a historical level you might be able to make money in the stock market by looking at the dates when the company choose to disclose their earnings date. If the reporting date is much earlier it is a case of buy and when it is late it depicts a situation of sell.

Every year the companies go on to disclose their earnings report at around the same time. In case of 9 out of 10 quarters the company is going to stick on to the exact date of reporting. Say for example if in the last year they reported on the 3rd Monday of March, in this year it is going to be the same day or brought forward by a day. This works out to be fine as we cannot infer anything from an earnings date.

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