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What You Should Know about Dynamics 365 – and Why it’s Used by More Businesses Today

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Many advancements in technology have allowed businesses today to have more seamless operations, but with all the different platforms coming out letting companies efficiently manage their operations, there is one which has indeed taken the world by storm: Microsoft Dynamics 365. There has definitely been plenty of buzz surrounding the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and for good reason. Lots of businesses have already taken advantage of it, and your business can benefit from it too, so here’s what you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 – and why it’s used by more businesses today.

A few steps into 2014, some trends are distancing themselves from others and proving themselves worthy of notice.

Why it works

Truth be told, Dynamics 365 is arguably the only solution and platform (a cloud-based ERP) which offers everything business customers need for their ERP and CRM requirements in a single place. Fundamentally speaking, Dynamics 365 unifies a plethora of capabilities into apps which can work smoothly together for sales, field service, customer service, finance, operations, the automation of project services, and marketing. Also, the applications provided by Dynamics 365 are integrated with the various tools which businesses already make use of, such as Excel and Outlook.

Its essential benefits

  • You can begin only with what you require and add different apps as you grow and evolve

With Dynamics 365, you don’t have to start with apps you don’t need or use – you can basically begin with only what you require and then add various apps as you go along. You can use the apps you need as single apps, or apps which work in conjunction with each other, so you can develop the perfect solution for your needs. Once your requirements change, then you can add whatever apps you need at that point.

  • You can get a better and more comprehensive picture of your clients and customers

Since the platform brings together all the data from your customers, you can get a better, more accurate picture of your clients, a fact confirmed by Microsoft Dynamics Partners UK like Dynamix. You can take advantage of real-time updating as well as use KPIs which are pre-built so you can understand your customers’ experience with your company. With this crucial data and information, you can take steps to make your customers’ journey more personalised and keep track of your relationship with your customers with ease.

  • It’s an entirely flexible solution for any modern business

Dynamics 365 offers you an entirely flexible solution in the sense that you know exactly how much it costs per month, and the subscription package and model is a lot more flexible compared to having capital expenses. Since you only pay for what you require, it can help you save money as well. Apart from this, with Dynamics 365, you no longer need to manage servers and data centres, as everything is in the cloud, and this translates into more savings too.

  • It’s simple and easy to use

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Dynamics 365 is that it is simple and easy to use. Its simplicity is based on subscriptions per role, which means that your workers need only subscribe to the work they really do, and you don’t have to purchase a single license which covers different roles. Also, since the platform is based on the app market of Microsoft, AppSource, you can easily look for the apps you require; the solution is geared towards ease of use at any time.

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