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Commander One 2.0 – A Versatile File Manager for Mac OS

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Anyone who has ever used a PC or an Apple computer knows the importance of a good file manager. While the native file managers on both the platforms do quite a decent job for basic users, they lack advanced functionality and as a user, you often find your self searching and trying different available options only to be disappointed. There are some file managers that provide fragmented functionality really well but a file manager that provides all of the features and functions in a nice integrated manner is hard to find. If you are a PC guy, chances are that a simple google search might yield tons of good options, but this is not the case when it comes to Mac OS. In this article, we will review Commander One 2.0, the second version of the hugely popular file managing software Commander One for the Mac OS platform. So let’s get started and take a look at what’s new in this version that makes it worthy of your consideration.

File Manager

Cloud Support

Cloud support is on the top of our list. As a Mac user, you can find some file managers that support one of the popular cloud services. What’s special with Commander One 2.0 is that it supports almost all of the popular cloud services. Google Drive, Microsoft’s One Drive, Dropbox, Black blaze are all supported by Commander One 2.0. Such a wide cloud service support means that one single file manager can handle all your cloud storage needs.

Edit files in archives

We all have come across situations where we need to extract files from an archive, then edit them and put them back in the archives. This process is not only time consuming but also needs you to have free storage space on your local disk. With Commander One 2.0, this problem has been taken care of. Now you can edit the files directly without extracting them first. It should be noted that at the time of writing this article Winrar is not supported. However, we can expect an update on this very soon.

Customizable interface

Using your computer at night or under dim light can strain your eyes. Commander One 2.0 takes care of this problem too. It features a dark mode that will prevent your eyes from any unnecessary strain. There is also multilingual support available. Italian, Portuguese and many other languages are supported.

Increased security 

If you are someone who shares sensitive data over a network then you should definitely check out Commander One 2.0. It’s a known fact that most of the networks are highly vulnerable. Some people take precautions and share files only after encrypting them manually. But with Commander One 2.0, you get built-in encryption for online connections. This makes transmitting data over a network exponentially more secure than traditional approaches.

Support for AZERTY Keyboard

Now there is no need to install third party software if you want to use the AZERTY keyboard. It comes built in with the software. Though not popular all around the globe, some people in France and other parts of Europe prefer this version over the QWERTY keyboard layout.

Support for MTP devices

As a Mac user, you might have faced a situation where your file manager doesn’t recognize the external media. This is not unique to you. In the Apple ecosystem, this is a real and genuine problem that almost all Mac users have faced at some point. With Commander One 2.0, you can such problems goodbye. It comes with built-in support for MTP devices. This is especially great for photographers and media content creators.

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