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Cyber Security Advice for Handling Patient-Generated Health Data

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We are all aware that our online data is at risk from hackers, and if your company handles data that is generated by patients, you have to be very careful that this data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. With other people entering the data into the network, this brings with it a new set of risks. With that in mind, here are a few cyber security tips to protect data that is patient generated.

  • Carry Out a Cyber Security Risk Analysis – In the event you are unable to do this, you should make contact with a specialist in cyber security and explain that you are now accepting patient-generated data into your network. Allowing third parties to send data brings with it a whole host of risks, and rather than becoming the victim of cyber-crime, you are better off enlisting the help of a local cyber security company who can ensure that all data (including patient-generated) is protected at all times. If you are thinking that data theft is something that only happens to others, every single user that goes online is at risk of cyber-attack, so you do need adequate protection.
  • Update your Anti-Virus Software – This will provide secure protection against any harmful code that might be hidden in patient-generated data, and if you don’t have any virus protection, you need to talk to one of the Sydney cyber security services firms that can be found with an online search. It is essential that you are using some form of anti-virus software, and with regular updates, this will pre-scan patient data before it reaches your network.
  • Third Party Generated Data – If you are allowing patient data to be inserted into your network, you are putting all of your data at risk, and rather than doing that, you should talk to a local cyber security specialist and tell them that you are receiving third party data via your patients. The cyber security specialist can configure anti-virus software to scan all incoming data before it is allowed to be integrated into your LAN.
  • Commission Penetrative Testing – The best way to find out how secure your network really is, involves commissioning a cyber security expert to carry out penetrative tests, which are serious attempts by ethical hackers to see if they can penetrate your online defences. When a business makes an enquiry, the cyber security provider will actually try to hack into their network using a range of penetrative tests, and should they be successful, they can quickly close that open door. This is the best way to find out how effective your current ant-virus protection really is, and should you wish to contact a cyber security company, Google can help you with that.

  • Every business should have adequate online protection, especially one that accepts third party data that is patient generated, and if your health business is receiving patient generated information, this is an added risk. The cyber security experts might recommend creating a firewall, which is designed to scan all incoming data, regardless of its source, and with the help of the professionals, you can protect you and your patients’ valuable data from cyber-theft.

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