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DRmare DRM Audio Converter for Mac

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Most of the music lovers who use apple devices are familiar with the dilemma of DRM protected audio files. Sharing them and even transferring them to your own other devices is always troublesome. People who use windows get around this problem as there are tons of open-source software applications for the Microsoft platform. Its simply because of the large user share that windows enjoys. But when it comes to Apple devices, it becomes a bit difficult to find the right software application. Today we review DRmare DRM Audio Converter for Mac. A one-stop solution to all your DRM-ed related problems. So let’s get started and see what makes this application a must-have for the music listeners.

Audio Converter

Lossless Audio Conversion:

Audiophiles are well aware of the fact that whenever you convert audio files from one format to another or whenever you compress an audio file then there is almost always a noticeable drop in quality of audio. You can even confirm it by checking the drop in the bit rate of the processed file. But you won’t face such issues when using DRM Audio Converter for Mac. The app processes the DRM-ed files in such a way that the end product I.e the audio file generated after removing the DRM protection does not show any noticeable drop in the audio quality. In other words, you can say that this is as close as you can get to a true lossless DRM protection removal.

Convert DRM-ed files to any format:

When using this app, you won’t be needing any separate app for converting your favorite songs and audio files to popular formats such as mp3 and FLAC (with video you can use MRmare M4V Converter for getting 100% lossless quality). DRM Audio Converter for Mac takes care of not only DRM protection removal but also of the conversion process. It saves space, time and effort.

Easy to use User Interface:

Some apps are really good but suffer from a terrible user interface design. But DRM Audio Converter for Mac comes with an easy to use User Interface. The design is such that you can easily use the app without any prior experience of using such converters. All the elements are well laid out and the design philosophy is to make the use of the app intuitive. This helps you in getting the work easier and faster.

 Cheaper than the competition:

As an Apple user, you might be able to get apps that are free and then some apps are highly expensive. Nothing beats it if you can get your hands on a perfect free app. But this is a far cry from reality. Most of the free apps come with a lot of junk and malware and make your system prone to viruses and cyber-attacks. DRM Audio Converter is available at a very lucrative price. You can buy a single-user license for only $39.95. And if you want to share it with your family or install it on your other devices then you can opt for the family pack that comes only at $54.95. The family packs allows you to install the app on 5 devices. What’s even better is that you get free lifetime support and updates on both the options.

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