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Follow These Six Steps to Safeguarding Your Digital Life

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The term digital life might have seemed foreign 15 years ago, but it’s an absolute reality today. People sleep with their smartphones at their sides, check their Facebook feeds and their emails the moment they wake up, check in from anywhere they go all day long, and use their digital devices to shop, communicate, plan, bank, work, date, and just about anything else you can think of.

Your digital life is rich, full, and important to you. So why aren’t you taking better care of it? Just like the way people safeguard their finances, cars, and homes, so too should they take steps to make sure that their digital lives are locked down and able to resist intrusions by outside forces. It might seem like a jungle online to get yourself in the best position possible to stay safe, but all you really need are smart logic and a few technological pointers along the way.

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Encrypt Everything

Seriously, online hackers and cybercriminals can’t break into what they can’t see. Instant messenger apps like Telegram and email platforms like Protonmail use end-to-end encryption to lock up your messages and mail air-tight. Using a virtual private network (VPN) can do the same with your surfing so that not even your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see where you’re off to.

Don’t Click What You Don’t Know

Links in emails(1), apps that want to download to make your life better, ads that seem too good to be true? They’re almost always pieces of malware or links to malicious sites out to infect your machine. To be on the safe side, make sure you have access to a top-notch antivirus program(2) for the ones that get past your initial security.

Backup Your Data in the Cloud, Online, or Externally

What do you do when your entire machine gets swiped, goes missing or is lost to a natural disaster? Buy a new one, plug in your credentials and be back to work moments later; that’s what.

Use a Password Manager 

No matter how strong your passwords might be, it gets really tough to keep changing them, rotating them and remembering them. The password manager stores them all in one place behind a longer, nearly-impossible to guess single master password.

Two-Factor Authentication

Your password plus one other form of identification takes your security from screen door to Fort Knox. All it takes is a second form of confirmation of your identity, like a code texted to your phone(3).

Search Using DuckDuckGo

If Google has you freaked out about how much information it’s gobbling up, try a search on DuckDuckGo to protect your privacy. It won’t track you for the rest of your life like some search engines.

Don’t Assume Private Browsing Means Invisible Browsing

You’re always leaving a trail online, even if the guy with the sunglasses and the trench coat is the icon on your screen. The home page of the incognito browser specifically states that even though your information isn’t being tracked on your home computer doesn’t meant that third parties aren’t having a nice long look.




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