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How Django Training Can Accelerate Your Web Development Career!

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Django is a popular web framework that helps developers build efficient and powerful web applications. Used by many renowned firms including Google, Instagram, and Youtube, it is one of the most popular and widely used web frameworks around the world.

Created back in 2005, Django quickly became one of the most preferred frameworks for developers who wanted to create efficient and fast designs in minutes. It is an excellent way to reduce the complexity of web development by delivering transparent writing and high-quality code with record speed. 

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Doing a Django course from a reputed institute can be instrumental for developers who wish to enhance their working knowledge with Django. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Django, starting from the basics to more advanced. 

Features of Django

Among the features of Django include-

  • Open Source framework 

Django is a free and open source web application framework that can be easily downloaded with source code from the public repository. The open source nature of Django helps in reducing the total cost of web application development.

  • Fully loaded

Django is fully loaded with various libraries and helping task modules which can be used to deal with common web development tasks such as RSS feeds, content administration etc

  • Fast development 

Django is an extremely fast framework which takes much less time to build a web application. Unlike other web frameworks, Django is super quick in creating web applications.

  • Secure

Security is one of the highlights of Django. It automatically fills all the loopholes which are usually left for a backend developer to complete. The level and scale of security that Django offers with the expertise of code are hardly seen in other technologies.

  • Robust documentation 

As compared to other open source technologies, Django offers the best documentation in the market. It is available in the form of a very well-established library where you can easily search for any function 

Advantages of Django

Among the top 5 benefits of Django include 

  1. Scalability

An extremely scalable framework, Django allows developers to take various scalable measures such as using load- balancing to efficiently distribute the application across multiple servers and running separate servers for the media, database, and the application itself.

  1. Batteries included framework

Django defines itself as a batteries included framework meaning an all-inclusive framework with innovative features. With Django, you just need to import the packages that you want to use it instead of writing your own code. It allows you to make use of the best solutions implemented by world-class professionals. 

There are a wide range of topics included in Django batteries that you can choose from including-

  • Auth package for authentication 
  • Sessions package for session management 
  • Sitemaps package for generating Google sitemap XML 
  • Admin package for admin interfacing
  • Messages package for managing temporary or session-based messages 
  1. Compatibility with Python

What makes Django framework quite popular is the fact that it is built on Python, one of the most popular and widely used programming languages, known for keeping the codes efficient, clean and seamless.

Django leverages Python for its own advantage to make its code robust and reusable as well as to enhance overall productivity.

  1. Extremely feature-rich

Django framework is designed in a way that allows developers to access a range of features to assist across areas including content development, site maps, and user authentication. These feature-rich elements of Django contribute in the overall process of web development making it much easier and faster.

  1. Django comes with built-in admin

Django framework offers an excellent, versatile and professional administrative interface to be able to effortlessly manage your data with basic CRUD operations. 

What will you learn in Django course?

  • The fundamentals of Django and its use to build and deploy powerful web applications.
  • Basics of Django’s security implications and how can you create safe web applications using it.
  • Understanding how to configure Django to liaise with other powerful databases.
  • Basics of Django URL patterns and views and how to deploy Django applications.
  • How to make web applications successful by maintaining code, fixing bugs and increasing reusability using Django.
  • About Django REST framework, Django AJAX, Django Models, Django jQuery etc

Learn Django to improve your career prospects

The scope and popularity of Django are only going to raise in future. The fact that it has a very active and supporting Django Community further highlights the benefits of doing Django training.

Django offers good documentation, great packages, stability, and a safe and helpful community of developers to collaborate with. If you want to be the developer of the future, Django is the best choice of a web framework to learn and embrace.

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