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Tips for Setting Up Successful Event Wi-Fi

Managing event Wi-Fi is arguably the hardest thing about planning for an event, especially when you did not think things through.

As an event planner, it is crucial that you realize Wi-Fi can make or break your event if the connection is not strong enough. Therefore, it is important that you have an organizational approach to planning a Wi-Fi event.

Here are tips to help you set up the impeccable Wi-Fi connection for your attendees.

Wi-Fi router

Understand your attendees

You can only have a successful Wi-Fi planning if you have an idea of how many people are scheduled to be at your event.

To estimate specifically how to set up your internet connection, you need to know the number of expected attendees and how they are going to use the connection, as well as the number of Wi-Fi devices you think will be used at the event. Only after you have answers to those concerns will your connectivity plan shape up properly.

Prioritize Traffic

What this means is that, depending on the purpose of your event, you should prioritize traffic for that purpose only. For example, if your event has nothing to do downloading of files you can restrict this usage and focus on what your event is about.

Limit your bandwidth at the beginning

This tip works on the premise that not everyone scheduled to appear at your event will show up. For this reason, perhaps you should set your internet conservatively starting at 100kb/s bandwidth and then increase as people keep streaming in in the event venue.

Put in place some contingency plans

There will be countless technical challenges you will face along the way while setting up your connection. You have to pay attention to them and plan accordingly.

Utilize Social media to great effect

What most event planners don’t know is that they have in their hands the most powerful social media marketing tricks that only come once in a while. Just create a viral-ish hashtag and let your audience spread the word about your event and brand.

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