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Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Make your website mobile friendly

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Whereas setting up a website might be easy, maintaining it amidst growing and stiff competition may prove extremely taxing. Because of this, website owners must continuously learn, experiment and utilize resources to help them grow the performance of their website.

Content Marketing

WordPress plugins are one of the surest ways to help your website get the attention and the traffic for your site to soar high and fast. In website development circles, it is said that there is a plugin available for just about any objective you want to achieve with your site. As the world’s consumption and penetration of mobile phones continue to increase, website owners acknowledge the need to align their websites and make them mobile-friendly. Here are some WordPress plugins to help you achieve this objective.

  1. WPtouch

This plugin works by adding a simple theme that allows mobile visitors to browse through your content without affecting your ranking on search engines. It is also highly favored and preferred by users because it doesn’t change your current URL, therefore making it easy for visitors to search your website just as before. In addition to these benefits, WPtouch allows any themes chosen to pass the Google Mobile test and Google effectively reads your website as mobile-friendly.

In many cases, WordPress users customize their themes to give them a personal touch, making them more professional and have their content displayed most productively. Even when you add the WPtouch plugin on your website, these aspects remain untouched. This is very endearing to website owners.

WPtouch is a free plugin but you can opt the Pro version that costs about $69.With this, the pool of themes and extensions to choose from is expanded significantly.

  1. Auto Optimize

Regardless of where you host your website, Auto Optimize is one of the amazing plugins to have on your websites. It works through maintaining an optimized database, timely deleting of cache as well as aggregating scripts such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files.

Statistics indicate that Auto Optimize can help reduce the time your site takes to load by as much as 30%. As highlighted by SEO Toowoomba Joel House, website load speed is indeed an essential factor in determining the overall performance of a website as

According to WordPress, Auto Optimize helps you to do three key things:

 Creating More space: Through edits of pages and posts on your website. This is done by removing unnecessary and unwanted post revisions, thus availing more megabytes and enhancing speed.

Taking charge of your data: WP-Optimize can identify the specific elements of your assets is wasting space, thus allowing you an opportunity to keep your website, fast and neat as well as efficient.

Keeping your blog clean: WP-Optimize can schedule automatic cleanups on your site so that you don’t have to worry even if you forget about it.

Auto Optimize is also free and therefore makes it popular among WordPress web owners.

  1. Hummingbird

To a website owner, the Hummingbird plugin is like a friend who gives you a critical look, analyzes your strategies and plans and gives you an honest opinion and the way forward. This plugin scans through your website to find out what is slowing it down and make suggestions on quick fixes. Among the highlights that Hummingbird will give are

Asset Optimization: Hummingbird optimizes your assets by rearranging, reordering and even combining files to enhance better performance.

GZIP Compression: The leaner the files on your website, the faster they will load and the more impressive this becomes for your visitors: Hummingbird offers compression of Style sheet transfer, HTML as well as JavaScript.

The essence here is to ensure that your website gets the best loading speeds for the benefit of your visitors. This is return translates to better conversion rates.

Notably, it is an easy-to-set plugin meant to make the WordPress site faster, yet it is equally fast to apply. With just one click, you can scan your site and implement various changes. It has been used quite tremendously on WordPress blogs thus demonstrating quite a favorable adoption.

  1. Touchy WordPress Plugin.

The configuration of mobile screens is smaller than that of larger screens such as desktops. However, using the Touchy plugin, you can translate the desktop site so that it is tuned to a smaller screen, making it easy to navigate on mobile screens. In other words, this plugin makes it mobile-focused and gives you total control of the website’s appearance on your mobile. Importantly, you can keep parts of your desktop appearance intact even as you tune your website for mobile exposure.

  1. JetPack

JetPack is a “fixer” of several elements on a WordPress blog. Many people have it activated as soon as they set up a WordPress website. It is well packed with features that can greatly help to monitor scale the performance of your website positively. Among features that JetPack brings along is site customization, traffic monitoring, social media sharing capabilities a photo gallery among others.

One of the interesting features is where the plugin allows articles that are related to appear at the foot end of each piece that is published. Visitors can thus be enticed to read related content on the website by giving highlights of related searches.

An important thing to note is that JetPack is designed by the Automattic the owners of WordPress.It, therefore, befits it to say that this plugin has features that can turn around the appearance and performance of your website.

Final Thoughts On Plugins

There are hundreds of plugins available for use on WordPress sites. Most of them work just fine and will give your website the much-needed head start for super performance. However, you must analyze the need for each plugin too, so that it doesn’t undo the benefits you aim to achieve. Too many plugins will equally slow down the performance of your site. At the same time, many plugins will perform similar or related functions. It is therefore important to ensure that your choice of plugins doesn’t work as a hindrance to the website’s performance.

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