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The Role Of Technology In The World Of Plastic Surgery

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Technology plays a role in nearly every element of the modern world, and plastic surgery is one area in which technology has made a particularly strong impact.  

From minimizing recovery times, to performing super complicated surgeries with ease, tech and plastic surgery have built a strong working relationship over the years.  Check out a few ways in which technology has changed the game in plastic surgery today.

Plastic Surgery

Advancements in liposuction procedures 

Liposuction isn’t the abrasive procedure it once was thanks to advancements in modern technology, and even men are getting plastic surgery in today’s culture.  Smartlipo has given new life to the procedure, as several horror stories have made liposuction surgery to be feared.  

Smartlipo gives surgeons the ability to perform liposuction with laser technology.  The laser melts the fat, and the fat is removed without all of the harsh scraping and pushing.  The heat from the laser is also beneficial, as it stimulates natural healing functions within the skin.  

Preoperative planning and imaging

Preoperative planning has been taken to a whole new level for those interested in plastic surgery.  Patients can get a rendered image of what their surgery results will look like before ever going under the knife.  

The tech involved in preop planning has resulted in a shortened surgery time, which reduces the risk of encountering troubling complications during the procedure.  

Surgeons have begun endoscopic facelifts

Getting a traditional facelift can leave your face feeling a bit numb, as surgeons are forced to severe nerves during their incision.  Technology has enabled doctors to perform endoscopic facelifts, minimizing the damage done to the face during the procedure.  

Endoscopic facelifts involve two small incisions along the natural lines of the patient’s scalp.  A slim tube equipped with a light and a camera at the end does the work for the surgeon, saving the patient the excess physical damage. 

Using fat to substitute silicon implants

Breast implants have been silicon and saline for quite some time, but recent technologies have arisen to create a new option for those who choose breast augmentation.  

Instead of adding a foregin body to the patient’s existing bust, doctors can now simply transfer fat cells from other areas.  Augmenting the procedure in such a way typically results in a more natural enhancement. 

Plastic surgery has gone mobile 

The world of plastic surgery has been changed in a less obvious way as well; it’s gone mobile.  Not that you can grab a facelift over Google on lunch, but plastic surgeons can be more mainstream with a lively online presence.  

Marketing for surgery is a thing now, and optimizing information for mobile web users is essential to success.

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