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How to Build Brand Recognition with Custom Medals

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Custom medals are useful brand marketing tools. Unfortunately, many startups and even experienced businesses may not understand how this works. The good news is that it is applicable in any business. With a little bit of information on how to use custom medals, your brand will be staring at a big opportunity to propel it to another level. Both the owners of the business and the marketing team can build brand recognition with custom medals in the following ways.

Brand Design

Make High-Quality Custom Medals

The first step in promoting your brand through custom medals is making sure that they are of high quality. The design, material and message should be of high-quality so that users will have a good reason to own and use these medals whether they are given at an event, bought or acquired in other ways. So, you need to hire a reputable expert to do this work for your business.

Sponsor a Sports Event

There is no better way to use custom medals than for a sports event. However, you need to be one of the sponsors so that the sports organising committee can agree to use custom medals with your brand name. One thing to know is that your brand name will only be featured on one face because the other will have the sports details. The strap can also have your brand name on it.

Give Custom Medals at Your Shop

As customers buy different goods or services, you can give them a custom medal as a gift. Many entrepreneurs make it a little more interesting by creating some competition among customers through a loyalty points program. Custom medals that are won by merit are usually cherished, and people will keep them for a long time. If they happen to be displayed somewhere, this will have a major positive impact on your brand.

Sell Your Custom Medals

According to Rocket badge, a company that makes custom medals and badges for different organisations, there are many people who are willing to buy medals as part of their memorabilia collection. With this, you can easily target foreign customers who visit your shop or business. The cost should be very low because the idea is to sell as many custom medals as possible. Lastly, ensure that your medals offer a good reason to be bought and added to a collection.

Use Influencer Marketing

These experts can package anything and promote it. If you already have designed custom medals, it is time to hand them over to the influencers to promote them for you. The idea is to let people know that you have interesting custom medals for your company and that they can easily get them when they visit your shop or company. Usually, influencers have a big audience, and they can divert these people to your business just by mentioning and displaying your custom medals.


See, custom medals can be used in many ways to promote your brand name. It is noted that these medals have a long-term effect because medals are kept for a long time by people who own them. Probably, one that is issued today will display your brand name for many years to come.

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