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The Coming of Autonomous Delivery Robots

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Death Stranding is a game developed by Hideo Kojima that’s slated for a November 8 release. From shady trailers and some unreliable game footage, the game is about a person who delivers specific cargo to certain locations. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic, futuristic world that has the player controlling highly advanced equipment and tools.

Robotic Attack Dog

As the game can become a representation of reality in the distant future, it’s safe to argue that the game left out three critical things when it comes to delivering necessary materials: Using a human to deliver items through harsh environments is dangerous, delivery is often slow, and the items delivered often get lost.

To safely bring materials and other items to a certified location, people should use autonomous delivery robots. The coming of these machines can signify a big breakthrough in how we deliver and receive materials for any purpose. Here are some advantages that autonomous delivery robots can bring.

Faster Delivery Speeds

When we’ve fully developed a highly advanced, fully autonomous delivery robot, you can be sure that speed is one of the capabilities that will get an upgrade. Imagine living somewhere in California and ordering something as far away as Tokyo. In normal conditions, ordering cargo from distant sources might take up to 20 days to arrive at your doorstep.

With fully autonomous robots that can travel light and fast, you can cut down 20 days into 3, or even one day when it comes to delivery. Of course, we still have a long way to go before any of those robots can be mass-produced. But judging on the work done by companies such as Starship Technologies, Amazon, and FedEx, we might be able to see high-speed robots in the land, air, and sea sooner than expected.

Safer Cargo

Another feature that these robots will have is a durable storage space. Delivering items at an efficient rate means delivering it fast and intact. Most standard delivery methods are effective at delivering goods in pristine condition, but there are instances where human error and inferior delivery methods often result in broken items.

Robots used by Amazon and FedEx are currently testing their robots in cities in the United States. These robots use the sidewalk for a much faster and safer path for delivery. A high-tech delivery robot with considerable durability can mean a lot, primarily if it’s used for military, rescue operations, emergencies, medicine, and organ deliveries, and other uses.


Most of the companies mentioned here often use robots that are the same size as a big icebox. Although these bots usually deliver small loads of items, some can actually carry a lot. Nuro, one of the companies that use autonomous robots, often load up their bots with groceries.

Nuro’s bot is a bit larger, about the size of a small delivery truck.

Two local grocery stores in Arizona have already partnered with Nuro to deliver groceries to nearby houses in the state. Once everything is fully developed for these delivery bots, groceries, and simple items won’t be the limit. In the future, we can expect to see robots delivering cars, whole cargo containers, etc.


The Coming of Autonomous Delivery Robots is a sign that we’re ready to embrace these kinds of technology. Companies like Starship Technologies, Amazon, Nuro, and FedEx, are starting to use autonomous robots for delivery. In the near future, expect to see massive upgrades with speed and durability.

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