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Who Invented Ringless Voicemail Drops?

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Ringless voicemail drops is a service that allows companies to leave a voicemail for someone without the phone ringing. While this may sound new, the technology was invented years ago, and it is utilized in the United States as well as overseas. There are several advantages to using this technology for both the companies using it and for the message recipients.

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First, it allows companies to leave messages and provide valuable information without disturbing the client. The service also increases the chances that the client will listen to the message because they can listen to it when it is convenient for them. Even when it is desired information, people tend to ignore calls if they come in at the wrong time.

Getting these voicemails is a benefit to the client because they can get the information they needed or wanted without having to take time out of their day or be distracted while trying to work or spend time with family.  While many think of telemarketing as intrusive, a lot of people rely on the information they receive to make purchasing decisions.

Ringless voicemail drop was invented by a company called Stratics Networks. Although many companies are only recently learning about it, the technology was developed over a decade ago and then adapted to mobile phones and networks in 2013, making it a universal option. It can now be used for any phone service in the United States, and they are actively working on expanding their service options for international calls.

As the inventor, Stratics Networks also named the technology and has maintained the term “ringless voicemail drops” as the name and description of their technology. The company owns the URL as well as every variation of it.

Stratics Networks has continued to work at expanding its network of partners and services to ensure that its service is available to all companies regardless of size or need. They offer prices based on the number of messages your company wants to be placed. This makes it affordable for all companies. Additionally, companies are able to customize their messages and delivery options, making it a workable solution to any problems they may be experiencing with other options.

With this service, companies can reach thousands of people within minutes. Additionally, Stratics Network has been able to incorporate the National Do Not Call list into their system, so you do not need to be concerned with violating any regulations.

Ringless voicemail drops are very different from Robocalls but are still regulated. Stratics Network understands the importance of staying in compliance with all federal guidelines. Scrubbing all call lists for numbers that are on the do not call list is a significant part of staying in compliance.

Companies interested in finding a new approach to their telemarketing or who have not found success with robocalls or other options in telemarketing can try ringless voicemail drops to see if they have better outcomes.

The technology is based on proprietary software that is not replicated through any other company. Stratics Network has safeguarded all of the technology they created to ensure that other companies cannot make a less responsible version of what they have built. This is to protect their product as well as the integrity of their company.

It’s important to select a company that invests in the technology and safeguards so you know you’re being compliant with federal regulations. This ensures a positive experience for you and for your current and future customers.

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