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5 Career Choices for Tech-Savvy Millenials

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Do you like solving complex puzzles and new problems with an innovative approach? Do you have a flair for learning new languages? Do you think that computer science can be effectively used for solving the everyday problems we face in our lives? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely be interested in a career in Information Technology. A career in Information Technology needs you to be creative and you should have the ability to take on challenges head-on. If a career in computer science is what inspires you then you should certainly read this article with full attention. 

Software Lifecycle

In this article, we will inform you about some specific job roles in the information technology industry. So let’s get started and see what job profile gets you excited the most.

Software Developers

This is perhaps the most sought after and also the most rewarding job profile within the information technology industry. As a software developer, you will be responsible to design and write the code for a program or an application that is targeted at solving a particular problem. Of course, you need to be proficient in multiple languages in order to become a successful software developer. You also need to be good at communicating with other people so that you can efficiently communicate with the clients and clearly outline their demands. With the growing demand of software developer jobs around the world, many companies are looking for a qualified software developer to add to their team. Some of them are tech companies in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. You can list down your options on which company you would like to be part of considering your location.

Front-End Developers

Every application or software has a front-end and a back-end. The front-end is what we as users interact with. The back-end consists of the code that runs the entire software or application. Front-end development is different from back-end development as it does not require coding. Here you need to show your creativity by designing such an intuitive front-end that users can use the application without a very deep technical knowledge. For example, people who are not computer science engineers also use windows. This is an example of good front-end. You need some graphic designing skills to become a good front-end developer.

Data Engineers

Data is perhaps the most valuable commodity of our time. Data is used in almost every field. When it comes to e-commerce, data is the most important requirement. But the creation and management of this data is a very challenging task and requires special training. A data engineer is responsible for extracting useful information out of a huge data bank. Data engineers are also responsible for the design and maintenance of the database. In this profile, they are known as Database Administrators. Each and every software or application needs a database so you can understand the importance of a databank and data itself.

IT Manager

Now, this is more of a managerial role. But this job profile is seldom given to freshers. Usually experienced IT professionals are the ones promoted to IT Managers. As IT managers, they are responsible for overseeing the entire development cycle of software. Right from the selection of the development team, to the deployment of the final version of the software, the IT Manager is always present. You can consider an IT Manager as the head of the team overseeing the operations and making sure that the development process stays on the right track.

Security Analysts

This job profile has become extremely popular with new IT graduates. As a security analyst, you are responsible for regularly updating the security measures of your company or firm. You design and deploy measure that ward of hackers and protect your company’s sensitive information. These days more and more companies are hiring security analysts. If you understand the complexity of computer networking and you are good at finding loopholes in networks then this can be a very rewarding career choice for you. 

These are just some of the careers from a myriad of in-demand job opportunities for tech-savvy individuals like you. With the advancement of technology nowadays, tech careers are surely growing day by day, opening a lot of opportunities for everyone. Make sure to check your skills in which tech job will perfectly fit you.

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