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5 Gaming Technologies to Expect in 2020

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The gaming industry, which started with a simple two-dimensional arcade game, Pong, has grown to become one of the largest technology advanced industry. It also has the fastest-growing revenues in the world, thanks to the technological innovations taking over the industry. The industry is categorised into three;

  • Mobile Gaming
  • Console Gaming
  • PC Gaming
The Rise of Digital Gaming- Heralding the Demise of Physical Media

Statistics indicate that the industry generated approximately $138.7 billion revenue in 2018, an amount that is expected to grow by 9.6% this year. The stats further show that mobile platforms tops in revenue generation, followed by console, and finally PC gaming. If you love online gaming, then you’ll agree that technology has penetrated the industry in every way. These innovations are nowhere near stagnating and might even become the norm.

Here are five technologies expected to increase revenue generation in the industry further in 2020.

1. Holograms

The hologram is not a new technology as it has been making rounds in various sectors for some time now. However, it’s yet to penetrate the gaming industry; something that’s expected to happen in 2020. Holograms provide near-real experiences, and when used with 3D glasses, they’ll give the gamers an immersive, lifelike experience.

2. Cloud Gaming

You’re probably familiar with cloud computing since it’s taking the computing world at lightning speed. With the advent of 5G, cloud computing will make it possible for online gamers to enjoy any game on their devices as long as they have a reliable internet connection. Better yet, you’ll no longer have to manually update games on your device as that will be done on the cloud.

Besides, if you’re into online betting, cloud gaming will pull you into a large community of other bettors. Therefore, you’ll have the power to command the attention of game developers. That means that you can sign up for sites such as ComeOn Betting and enjoy a wide variety of games of your choosing.

3. Hyper Immersive Virtual Reality Adoption

Although Virtual Reality is not exactly new, it’s yet to pick up in many industries the way it should. 3D indeed changed the way gaming graphics looked back in the days, but its rendering still lacks some clarity on some graphics. That’s where VR is expected to take over in the gaming industry and improve the rendering on PC and console gaming. Besides, Augmented Virtual Reality is also likely to keep up to keep you hooked up with images that are indistinguishable from reality.

4. 3D Moves Override

Currently, not all games have 3D capabilities, something that is expected to change in a year or two. In most cases today, many 3D games require the use of glasses to make most of 3D graphics look real. However, this is expected to change from next year with game developers focusing on making games look as realistic as possible. Besides, gaming studios are not sleeping trying to find ways in which they can bring screen into focus to help improve the overall gaming experience.

5. 5G Network

The most awaited 5G network is expected to hit the market in 2020. The network will be available on smartphones and spread globally with time. To the gaming industry, the network will make it possible to access cloud gaming via handheld devices. By sending rendering frames directly to your device, the number-crunching server will be offloaded, hence minimal latency and increased network speed. In the long run, this will consistently improve the gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

Adoption of new technology in the gaming sector is taking the industry to higher heights. Gaming developers are more focused on ensuring that you get nothing but the best games. If you want to stay prepared, you better keep your smartphone at its best performing mode as these advancements are just the beginning.

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