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How to Crack Salesforce Certifications

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If there is anything that is gaining popularity among big businesses apart from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is Salesforce. The demand for skilled manpower in this field is spiking with each passing day and the best part is, it is not a tough skill to hone. Introducing yourself to the world of Salesforce and taking the Salesforce online training could be an excellent opportunity and your first step toward a great career! 

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But, what is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps businesses to grow in an effective, streamlined, and efficient way. The platform offers standard and unique features like Lead, Opportunity, Contact, Account Management, Opportunity Forecasting, Campaign Management, and Web to Lead. The best part is, its software is cloud-based, which eliminates the need of IT experts to set up anything. It is just like usual websites, where one can log in, collaborate with their colleagues, and view and update customer data. Salesforce makes it easier to identify customer needs, build a good relationship with the customer, and deploy customer-focused apps.

Most sought after Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce has numerous certifications that help candidates examine their level of knowledge in this domain. There are two most sought after track one can choose for Salesforce — Administrator track and Developer Track. Salesforce Administrator Certification grants the bearer to be an integral link between the organization and the customer by solving the latter’s need. A Salesforce certified administrator is much more than a network or database administrator. Unlike others, a Salesforce Administrator needs to have a proper understanding of the customers’ needs and carry some critical responsibilities on their shoulders. 

For Salesforce Developer Certifications, three certifications are available — Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and II, and Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer. As a certified developer, one needs to have a proper understanding of building platform apps, the ability to design custom app data models, and should be able to use Apex and Visualforce to develop custom apps. While Platform Developer I and II holders are responsible for developing solutions for complex interfaces, a Commerce Cloud Digital Developer is required to have a full-stack experience in developing solutions for e-commerce.

There are plenty of other Salesforce certifications like:

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

For professionals who build apps, Salesforce offers this Platform App Builder Certification. The certification is specifically focused on individuals who master the art of building, designing, customizing and deploying apps. 

Salesforce Pardot Expert Certification

A Salesforce Certified Pardot Expert knows well how to manage the marketing workflows. A Certified Pardot Expert has good knowledge of building, designing, and implementing on the Pardot platform. 

Salesforce Marketing Certification

Salesforce Marketing certifications have three credentials — Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Specialist, and Salesforce Cloud Email Specialist. A certified marketing cloud social specialist works using Social Studio to build posts, analyze conversations, and generate related reports. However, a certified marketing cloud email specialist has a profession that focuses on using Marketing Cloud Email application to build campaigns, design and use email automation, and track email data.

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification

This certification by Salesforce targets professionals who work on implementing CPQ solutions. Also, they are required to design and build quoting flaws to fulfill customer requirements and fixing platform issues. 

How to Crack the Salesforce Administrator Exam

Salesforce is the only skill out there, that is comparatively easier to learn, takes less time to hone, and the resources are made available for everyone at no extra cost. To be a certified Salesforce administrator or developer, all you need to do is put in your best efforts, attend online lectures, take mock tests and make sure that you hit the right spot and become a Salesforce Certified Administrator.

To bag a Salesforce Administrator Certification, you will have to clear the certification test with a good score. Now, what is the test criterion? The exam is conducted solely by Salesforce and it comprises of 60 multiple-choice questions. The candidate will get 90 minutes to complete the exam and a minimum of 67 percent marks are required to clear the test. So, you have to answer 39 questions correctly for having a Salesforce certified tag after your name. 

As a complete beginner, the questions may seem a little tough at the initial level. However, with regular practice, you will be able to crack the exam in no time. Observe the previous years’ questions to see how Salesforce tests both practical and theoretical knowledge of the platform. Get in touch with someone who has already cleared the test to know how the preparation needs to be done.

Remember, getting a Salesforce Administrator Certification can gift you a great career. Just keep your first few steps correctly.

What should be the approach? 

If you are looking forward to getting a Salesforce certification, this is the right time to get it. To crack the certification exam, Trailhead has to be your first step toward learning Salesforce. A variety of learning options such as classroom training, private workshops, virtual classrooms, and self-paced learning are available for candidates to benefit from. 

The training courses for Salesforce are organized into two main categories — Classes by Role and Classes by Cloud. While the former includes administrators, developers, end-users, marketers, service and sales management, solution designers, and technical architects, the latter has marketing, sales, community, Salesforce1 platform, analytics, and service. 

There are various links provided on the certification page to help you move a step closer. You will find an exam guide, recommended training modules, and sample questions to help you have an idea of what the test may contain. For candidates who want to attempt the exam on their own without enrolling in any sort of training, the exam guide has links to documentation and user guides to help them in their venture. However, there are numerous courses available online to help you crack the certification in one go. But one thing that will remain constant in both the approaches, is your hard work. Maintain that, and Salesforce certifications won’t look tough anymore. 


With the potential to give your career new heights, Salesforce is currently the best skill to get. It is staying in demand for the foreseeable future as well. To crack the certification in one-go, it is recommended to take a course that will help you prepare accordingly and in a well-structured manner. So what are you waiting for? Enroll in a suitable course and give wings to your career!

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