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Carrom Board Game Rules That Everyone Should Know About

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Carrom game has been originated in India and has been played throughout South East Asia; however, the game started gaining popularity in remaining parts of the world during last century only. Though International Carrom Federation exists along with other national-level federations but the rules are varied depending upon various factors. Also, with an advent of technology, there are many carrom board apps where you will find different rules. So, here are few of the basic carrom board game rules:

The Basic Ones

  • During the first strike, the player can have three attempts to make the break which means hit the carrom men placed in the centre of the board.
  • During the break, it is irrelevant if the striker hits any of the carrom men or not or which carrom men it hits first.
  • If a player scores the carrom men of his/her chosen colour in repetition or pockets the queen, the player will keep getting the turns of strike.
  • If a player fails to score carrom men in to the pocket, the opponent will get the next strike.

Covering the Queen

  • Queen can be covered and pocketed by a player only if that player has scored minimum 1 carrom man of his/her chosen colour in to the pocket.
  • In case, a player scores the queen into the pocket before it is permitted, the run of strike will be continued. However, the queen will back to the centre at the end of strike.
  • If a player scores queen and one carrom men of his/her chosen colour in the same strike, it is considered that player will keep the covered queen. However, the condition is that player shall have already pocketed minimum 1 carrom men of his/her colour.
  • If a player fails to score the queen in to the pocket, the queen will be back to the centre and will be placed by the opponent. Instead of placing at the centre, it can be placed as close to the centre as possible.

For Striking

  • Whenever the player gets the strike, it is mandatory to keep the striker within the baseline or at any of the two circles on his/her side.
  • Striker shall touch both the front and rear line of the player’s side.
  • Striker shall not be placed partially at baseline or any of the circles on player’s side.
  • Striker shall be flicked using one finger only in an order that it doesn’t go backwards or horizontal but only crosses the front line of the player’s side.
  • A carrom man placed on the front line of player’s baseline or behind the front baseline cannot be touched directly by the striker until it crosses the front line of baseline.
  • While striking, the arm or hand of the player shall not cross the diagonal foul lines on the baseline of player.

Other Significant Rules

  • The carrom men that are back again to the centre can be put on top of other carrom men but in the centre only.
  • If carrom man goes in to rest position or overlaps another carrom man, it will remain in the same position until it is moved during the normal game play.
  • In case a striker goes in to rest position under or above another carrom man, the striker shall be moved with no or as little as possible disturbance.

Foul Rules

In case a player commits a foul, his/her strike will end and the opponent will get the strike. Also, the player who commits foul has to pay a penalty. As a result of penalty, the player has to return the pocketed carrom men back to the mail circle of the board which can be positioned anywhere within the main circle by the opponent player.

Given this rule book, now you must be familiar with the carrom board game rules, so get ready to rock the board now.

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