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SMS Marketing- A new trending & effective way of Marketing

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The engagement of individuals with their mobile phones has elevated with the advance of time and technology. Individuals check their mobile set for multiples times in a day. Mobile phone is a handy set which enables people to quickly check an update or cross check information in no time. This dependability is fully utilized by companies to promote their products and services. Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is a modern age technique that utilizes authority based text messaging to widespread promotional texts. Specifically speaking the main aim of SMS marketing is to construct a database of subscribers to enhance loyalty to the customers. SMS marketing is an easy way of reaching out to potential customers and informing them about a recent and luring offer. Additionally, SMS marketing also acts as a tool of reminding customers of an upcoming event. Most companies prefer SMS marketing over email as it is within easy reach of the customers.

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No strategy in the world can succeed without designing proper tools. SMS marketing tools encompass certain specific ingredients which can uniquely capture the attention of the customers. In the competitive world today, the importance of diversity and surprise is unparallel. Thus, tools like sending coupons and engaging personals via exciting and fun games through SMS marketing can act as wonders. The following 4 tools of SMS marketing might be extremely useful for business houses.

  • Engager: It is a full-fledged marketing tool, characterized by web mobile customization and real time based analytics and it enables companies to list SMS marketing contacts. It works by implanting lead capture forms and further plans a schedule of future messages to the audience.
  • TextingBase: It aims to form connecting with the target audience and further following up with a personal touch until the deal is cracked. Personalized SMS, schedule messaging and management of contacts are the components utilized to marketing.
  • FirstHive: This acts as a rescue for the business that has thousands of contacts in their list. Apart from sending SMS, it is characterized by a basic reporting dashboard which helps firms to analyze the effectiveness of the sms campaign.
  • Mozeo: It is a very celebrated sms marketing tool in present time. Firms can utilize features like creating landing pages and filtering mobile keywords for robotization.

It is crucial to understand and comprehend ways in which sms marketing could be used. These might be listed as follows.

  • Sending customers exclusive coupon deals: Firms need to commence operation by producing uniquely amalgamated coupon codes. This is important for excluding non subscribers to avail the benefit. The subscribers could definitely be made special by gifting them with coupons.
  • Drip campaign: It is especially for the long associated clients and is featured with automated messaging. For example, a new subscriber might get 5% of the coupon while a subscriber for 3 years might get a 20% of the coupon. It is just like gifting for the loyalty of association.
  • Polling customers: This is a brilliant way of associating customers. Polling helps firms gain response from the customers regarding their opinion on the product. This serves a twofold purpose of introspecting one’s work and tapping the potentially interested customers.
  • Running a sweepstakes contest: This way of marketing involves customers signing themselves up for sweepstakes by messaging specific keywords. Firms can choose a winner or give away small gifts to the ones who actually take the trouble of circulating the keywords. Needless to say it is an indirect way promoting and that too via the trusted customers.
  • Circulating images and videos: This definitely is a diversion from the regular regime of text messaging. Moreover, photos and videos have the potential to capture attention much faster.

The automation of the SMS marketing definitely saves time and energy and helps generate more revenue. Various automation tools, for example Zapier, could be utilized to accomplish the task. Such tools are well connected to numerous marketing software like facebook advertisement, Gmail, major CRMs in the market and Slack.

SMS marketing can at times be overwhelming for the customers. Various brands sending daily SMS easily fill the inbox up in no time. Thus, the crucial part of SMS marketing is to make it believable to the customers and not something too random. Attaching a meaning current affair headline or sticking a captivating photo can help to actually draw the attention of the clients. Coupons and believable offers can help achieve more customers. Thus, providing a unique touch in SMS marketing can contribute positively to uplift a firm’s revenue generation.

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