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How To Use Google Sheets To Increase Your Productivity

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Many people are used to traditional work management, such as filling out paper time cards and balance sheets. If you’re still doing things the old way, it’s probably high time to take an initial step by considering using Google Sheets.

Whether you’re working in an office or you have your own business, you can use Google Sheets to increase your productivity without spending a hefty amount of money on costly work management software. In this post, you’ll learn how to use Google Sheets so you can be productive at work.

How To Use Google Sheets To Increase Your Productivity

Use Google Sheets To Track Employee Time

You can use Google Sheets to track employee hours so you’ll know the number of hours each has worked daily instead of spending money on costly time tracker software if you’re still starting your business. Also, it’s a great way to keep you and your employees productive without the hassle of checking and keeping actual time cards.

Creating an employee time tracker is easy to do with the following steps:

  • Open a new Google Sheet and create an “employee time card master sheet” title. If you want to create separate sheets for every employee, you can go ahead and do it.
  • For every employee, create an assigned tab by clicking on the “add sheet” or the plus sign found on the lower left corner of the sheet.
  • You can assign the right number and titles of columns and rows for the employee time tracker according to your preference.
  • Your employees can fill out their time cards without the risk of losing or deleting the file.

Note: Even if you close Google Sheets, all data will be automatically saved on your Google Drive. You can open the employee time card master sheet whenever you want to track your employees’ number of hours worked.

Handle Tasks Effectively And Efficiently

Google Sheets can be used to handle tasks effectively and efficiently. You and your employees can handle work assignments by knowing how to use Google Sheets for tasks for a more successful project management and business operations.

With manual work, preparing employee tasks can be time-consuming as it will take you several hours to do it. On the other hand, you can assign tasks to your employees through Google Sheets in minutes.

Here are some examples of Google Sheets functions to help you handle and assign tasks:

  • Raw Data Extraction: Several add-ons can be used to extract data into Google Sheets from Google Analytics, such as Blockspring.
  • Google Sheet Formulas: Use a QUERY formula to identify “not started”, “incomplete”, or “finished” tasks.
  • Visualization: Create a visualization table with the tasks and results, as well as a dedicated area or column, to write your observation about how each task is performed or monitored.

Store And Secure Data

Whether you’re into a service business, such as a consultancy firm, managing a physical store, or home-based e-commerce or online business, storing data in Google Sheets is made more secure as compared to traditional forms of project management, such as storing data on external storage drives.

External storage drives can be lost, stolen, or damaged, and even if you have a backup data stored on your computer’s internal storage system, they’re likely not updated too. With Google Sheets, you can store your business information and project management data securely.

Here are ways how Google Sheets can be used to store data securely:

  • You can assign authorized people who are only allowed to view the file via file-sharing options, such as editing, viewing, or both.
  • Data can be stored online or offline. Just make sure to check your Google Sheet settings to ensure that it will automatically save any offline changes, and update it when you become available online.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

If you need a reliable tool to perform comprehensive data analysis without losing data, using Google Sheets is a good idea. With Google Sheets, you can pivot tables to narrow down large data and analyze data points. For instance, a sales manager can effectively use a pivot table to analyze who has the highest commission for the month, quarter, or year.

You can take advantage of Google Sheets’s data visualization using the appropriate charts and graphs, depending on your needs. Now, you can be more productive as a manager by using charts, graphs, and helpful report templates to present your insights and plans in a more organized manner. It’s possible to download your business presentations or sales proposals as a portable document format (PDF) or print them.

Take Advantage Of The Comment Feature

Google Sheets has a great feature, which is the comment section. With this feature, you can assign different tasks, such as commenting on how an employee ended the tasks, client feedback, and explaining further instructions.

Also, comments can be added on specific dates for training, meeting, or other team activities. Target employees will be automatically notified through email once their email addresses have been added on the Google Sheet. You can tag all team members involved in the comment so they will all receive a notification.

Fast And Efficient Finance And Accounting

In any workplace or business setting, operations work through budgets, capital, sales, marketing, and continuous monitoring of business metrics. Google Sheets is an efficient tool that is used for finance and accounting purposes, improving overall business productivity.

Here’s how Google Sheets can make your finance and accounting faster and more efficient:

  • Eliminate Manual Finance And Accounting Tasks: Save time, money, and effort, and improve the productivity of your finance and accounting team by using the VLOOKUP formula.
  • Hyperlinks For Financial Reporting: Creating a year-end financial report by embedding hyperlinks is a good idea, allowing you to add specific and comprehensive information for your investors, employees, and overall management use. Other spreadsheets can be hyperlinked rather than crowding data on one sheet.


Google Sheets make an effective, reliable, and efficient online or offline tool to use to handle tasks or project management. It improves productivity because you can assign tasks to your employees, create calendar of events, comment assignments or send feedback and notifications, and more.

When it comes to project management, Google Sheets offers a wide range of features and benefits, such as charts, graphs, data importation and exportation, and data analysis tools. With Google Sheets, you can multitask effortlessly and accomplish more things.

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