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Office Moves 101: How to Make the Right Moving Plan

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Office moves can happen for a wide variety of reasons. This can be due to a new location, opening a new branch, or even just wanting a quick change of pace from your usual work environment. In concept, this is actually very exciting – especially when you imagine having all these new equipment, all these new setups, and a completely new environment for work. However, if we zip back to reality, we might realize there’s a ton of things we need to do! There’s logistics, there’s the actual move, and there’s everything in between – is it really possible to conduct an office move? Turns out, it is! Here are some quick tips you need to consider:

Office Moves 101: How to Make the Right Moving Plan
  • Conduct ocular visits to ensure you’re familiar with the neighborhood. Just because you’re conducting a move doesn’t mean you only have to visit your new office. Make sure you visit your location and its surroundings so you’re familiar with your environment in general. This helps you and your coworkers figure out where relevant institutions and places are – such as nearby coffee shops, nearby supply stores, the right legislative and registration offices, and even locations of reliable Manhattan moving companies or your local service. Knowing these places lets you help your coworkers and employees be comfier with their new workplace, as you can easily provide them with commute or lodging options, among other things.
  • Create an inventory so you know what to bring, what to restock, and what to place. Offices have a ton of supplies, so you need to be extra sure you’re aware of what you want to bring and what you want to buy before conducting the actual move. You can do this properly by making an inventory – as in, a reliable and updated list of things you own, things you want to sell, things you want to throw away, and things you want to bring to your new office. Knowing exactly what you have lets you know what supplies to restock, and what office equipment you need to replace. This lets you have a more reliable budget estimate, among other considerations for your workplace.
  • Get everybody on board for the moving process. Just because you may hire professionals for your move doesn’t mean no one else can’t help anymore. You might want to conduct a meeting amongst all departments so they all know what sort of things can happen during the move. You can ask your departments to be in charge of packing their own desks and their own floors, so they can have a sense of responsibility for the things they own in their offices. This also lets them be more aware of exactly what they have in the office and how they want to pack them for maximum efficiency.
  • Make a schedule that doesn’t interrupt workflow. When conducting an office move, make sure you make a schedule that everyone can follow but doesn’t interrupt your operations. Try to allocate work in a way that lets your company do its usual work properly, but at the same time give opportunity for the rest of the team to start packing for the office move. This might mean allotting a bit of extra hours just to make sure the process goes smoothly, but it will be definitely worth the while once you become more efficient in the moving process.
  • Find the right kind of professionals for your move. Just because you have a team of coworkers doesn’t mean you have to rely on yourselves to do the bulk of the work for your move. It’s important to consider hiring professionals such as interstate moving companies that know exactly how to conduct office moves properly and without damaging your equipment and belongings. Take note, try hiring movers that actually conduct office moves – they might involve the same steps and procedures as a house move, but office movers know the intricacies of offices that house movers may not be able to consider. 

Office Moves: Get them Right!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that conducting an office move is actually very possible – especially if you do it with the right kind of planning and research in mind. Always remember that you don’t really need to stop your office operations just to make sure your move happens smoothly. Rather, it’s important to have a game plan in mind and have everyone in the office aware of the move and what they need to do in order to make sure go as smoothly as planned. If you have more tips for other professionals, managers, and business owners, make sure to add them in the comments!

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