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MacDroid app review

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Breaking out entire barriers of the transfer between the Android and Mac, MacDroid app permits the users to easily transfer the folders and the files between the Mac computer and the Android device that is well connected through USB. The macOS and Android cannot natively together work, and hence when you have the Mac computer however when you does not have any iPhone, having choosing the Android smartphone, you should actually know and understand that how hard it is to easily transfer files among them.

Thought it also appears that the Mac users having the Android smartphones also have the problem, and this is where the MacDroid appears to be a perfect solution. As per the Electronic Team, company behind this new and latest app, it has build the bridge between Mac and between Android that actually allows the users to simply enjoy the comfort and the ease of transferring the videos and photos, music as well as the folders between the Mac and between the Android connected through USB. On the other hand the MacDroid provides you with the most convenient access to the entire Android files in Finder as well as it also ensure that each and everything goes smoothly as well as fast.

The team that works behind MacDroid actually knew that since Android as well as macOS are unable to work together out from box, there was some kind of the vital need for any kind of the interface which will not just connect the two such systems but at the same time it also allows the much safe as well as the smooth transfer of the file between them.” This is exactly what this app performs; no requirement for any kind of the special cables and any kind of the much-complicated solutions, the MacDroid will work much seamlessly at any point of time when you will connect the Android device to the Mac through the USB. As soon when this device gets plugged you will be able to simply get access to their content directly in Finder. There are such kinds of the necessity for having the apps for the third-party on the Android device, as per the developers.

The connection provided by MacDroid is just not a kind of the solution that could help to transfer the files; it also does have additional features.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Transfer the photos

You may be able to access the Android photos in Finder app as well as simply drag them with the mouse cursor to other folder on the Mac.

  • Transfer the music to phone

You may also be able to add the favorite tracks for the Android from the Mac or even vice versa and also relish the music.

  • Watch the videos even when you are offline

Do you have got some kind of the new episodes which you wish to watch, but not planning to the computer? This is actually not a problem! You may be able to easily transfer to Android and also watch on the ride.

  • Edit the Android files even directly from the Mac

At any point of the time when you actually don’t feel moving the files around this is when you will also get an opportunity to simply edit the Android files with favorite Mac app devoid of actually saving it on your computer.

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