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Cybersecurity Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

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Having the best of IT infrastructure and software applications for your business is just half the work done. Cybersecurity is one element you cannot miss if you want to create a future-ready business model. Yet, companies still adopt a casual approach to investing in cyber defense and training. While some may probably be unaware of the massive implications of security threats, others are simply confused by some myths and misconceptions. It is vital to know everything about cybersecurity and clear the prevailing misconceptions so that your business is ready to battle the security challenges and beat them as well. Let us debunk some myths that you should stop believing right now.

Improving Cybersecurity in Accounting

Myth #1: Small businesses need not bother about cyber attacks

If you think that you needn’t worry about security threats and attacks because your business is small in size, you are mistaken. It is as vital an investment for small businesses as it is for large enterprises. Hackers seldom care about the scale of the organizations they target. The chances of small entities being targeted are as good as those for large ones. In fact, you may be at a higher risk of being hit if you haven’t invested in a proper security system. Moreover, the damage to small organizations can be more extensive, considering that any data breach can cause a loss of revenues and reputation. Ultimately, it becomes tough for them to rise after the fall.

Myth #2: Passwords are enough to keep you secure

Those belonging to the old school could think that strong passwords are enough to keep your business secure. Once again, this is a misconception that you should not believe at all. No password is hack-proof, however, complex it may be. Smart hackers can easily circumvent the most random combinations of letters, numbers and special characters in seconds. Further, the reuse of passwords across multiple platforms is another risk that can compromise with their security. So you must think beyond passwords if you want to have a strong system in place.

Myth #3: Anti-virus/malware has you covered

Relying on traditional anti-virus or anti-malware software is another mistake you can commit if you still think that they are enough to cover your system adequately against cyber attacks. These software solutions rely on a huge database that has information about the viruses and malware out there. This means that they are not fail-safe against ones that are of a new kind. What you really need is a complete IT security software solution that does much more than shielding your systems against viruses and malware. Apart from the solution in place, you must also have a team to manage application, network and device-level security.

Myth #4: Threats are only external

Business owners often believe that cyber risks and threats are external as hackers try to break into your network and steal your data. But this is another misconception that you need to clear. A major proportion of cyberattacks come from within. If you dig deeper, you may find that a disgruntled employee is responsible for the breach. There is also a risk of accidental loss when an ignorant user opens up the network and puts your business at risk. In some cases, an ex-employee holding a grudge may use a cyber attack to damage your business. Hence, it is as vital to weave cybersecurity into your work culture besides fortifying your business against external threats.

Myth #5: BYOD is safe

A large number of businesses allow employees to use their own devices for business purposes with the implementation of the BYOD policy. It is definitely a cost-effective system and also empowers remote employees with business data, but the risk involved is massive. Don’t ever believe that BYOD is secure as it is a major misconception that people often struggle with. Most employees have multiple personal devices and connecting them to your network opens new entry points for hackers. At the same time, there is a risk of data breach at the hand of dishonest employees. Ensuring that your IT service provider beefs up device security is vital and so is having proper BYOD cybersecurity policies in place.

Considering the nature of these myths, they can translate into big threats if not addressed properly. Having experienced IT professionals looking after your cybersecurity requirements is the best approach. While these experts will monitor the systems and network continuously, they can also take proactive measures to strengthen it enough. Further, they can also help you with the best practice recommendations to make sure that your business is as secure as it can be.

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