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Keep Sync Your Digital Life With SyncMate

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Most of the part, we as Android users completely depend on Google services to keep our accounts and devices synced up, for some of us that use macOS the whole thing does not always play together nicely, enter sync Huawei with Mac. The application is designed to let you to sync all the important data from complete host of services and devices from and to your Mac. Most owners of the Mac depend on iTunes to manage this type of thing for them, but if comes to SyncMate then it is considerably more adaptable than iTunes, simple to use as well as critically for us essentially supports Android systems and devices.

Keep Sync Your Digital Life With SyncMate

What type of services are fully supported?

You can without any difficulty use SyncMate to sync with Google accounts, Android devices, iOS devices, extra Mac computers, extra hard disks, iCloud, Dropbox, MTP Devices or all the important Microsoft Services. The overall volume of available options is one of the important features of SyncMate as again we are well past the aspect that just keeping one device in sync with your system is relevant, it is organizing your complete digital life which is a challenge.

What You Can Sync?

The available options would vary as per on the service or device that you are going to sync with your Mac system, but the complete list contains:

  • Pictures: Select which picture folders you want to sync between your selected devices and whether you wish to sync only from the service/device to your Mac or only from your Mac system to the service/device.
  • SMS: Offers you a complete list of your text messages organized by the receiver, you can transfer either the complete collection or separate recipients. You should check that it is just SMS, MMS is missing from the discussions.
  • Calls: Only your call’s list with the length of the time, date and call. You can easily sort by outgoing, received or missed. Export option is available as with SMS, but not any search option here.
  • Calendar: Select which of your important calendars you want to sync between your devices and whether you wish to sync both manners or only from the service/device to your Mac. You even have the choice to incrementally set how far in the future and past you wish to sync your calendars.
  • Folders: It lets you to sync folders across services or devices, you choose the folder on the Mac system and then the particular folder on the service or device that you wish to sync and ultimately whether you wish to sync both ways or only from the service/device to your Mac system. You can even prefer to exclude particular file types, subfolders or paths from syncing as well as decide how to resolve sync skirmishes.
  • Contacts: Shows the name of any present contact lists which you have on associated services or devices and lets you to either personally choose which ones you wish to sync or just choose some of them. As per normal you can prefer to sync both manners or just from the service/device to your Mac system.
  • Music: Specifically, Music syncs music from the library of your iTunes to your service/device, you can sync as per on albums, playlists, artists or genres.
  • iTunes: Yes, it is special from Music, ironically it is not tied specifically to iTunes as while it does permit you to sync playlist of iTunes that you can even use it to just sync any music folder.
  • Safari Bookmarks: It permits you to sync your important Safari bookmarks over to any other services, but it is not available on the platform of Android 6.0 and more than this, so it is not likely related for some of you.
  • Backup: Something will happen to corrupt your calendars, contacts, reminders or important Safari Bookmarks this feature can create automatically a safe timestamped backup every time you sync thus always you can roll back to earlier edition.

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