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The Top Android Flagship Phones of 2020

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Android phones have come along way since HTC launched the first-ever handset to run the operating system in October 2008. The HTC Dream came with just 256 MB of internal storage, 192 MB of memory, and had a sliding screen that revealed a full AWERTY hardware keyboard. 

The Dream was received well by critics, but nobody considered it a rival to the iPhone, which had been launched the year before. In fact, it would take several more years before Android devices could truly rival the iPhone.

Today though, flagship Android phones (the top of the range models released by leading manufacturers) give Apple some serious competition. 

In fact, these models often contain brand new features before they’re incorporated into Apple devices. Gadget Hacks has produced a list of a total of 101 Android exclusives, including basic features like copy and paste, mobile payments, and front-facing cameras. Even in 2020, there are still many features you can’t get on an iPhone, like 120 Hz screens, spam call detection, and 5G. 

So, if you want an iPhone-beating Android phone, consider these leading flagship devices. 

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung has been one of Apple’s biggest competitors in the smartphone market since it launched the original Galaxy in the summer of 2009. For several years now, the two companies have produced well-matched devices

Its latest range of devices, the Galaxy S20 models are some of the most powerful on the market. With as much as 16 GB of memory and an octa-core processor, users of the S20 can expect lightning-quick speeds whether they’re gaming, streaming, or multitasking.

Released in March 2020, consumers can get their hands on three different versions. The base S20 model contains most of the same features, but it has a slightly smaller battery, less memory, and fewer camera lenses. It also doesn’t connect to mmWave 5G networks, but if you’re outside the United States that won’t make a huge difference. 

The most expensive model, the S20 Ultra has four rear camera lenses, a 10x optical zoom, and a 108 MP wide lens. 

It’s a fantastic phone, and if you take care of it, it’ll continue to be capable of running the latest apps for several years to come. That said, it’s not cheap. The base S20 model costs $999, while the S20 Ultra can set you back more than $1,499.

OnePlus 8

OnePlus has built a reputation for being a manufacturer of flagship devices at budget prices. It delivers again with the OnePlus 8, a 6.55-inch device that packs an 8-core processor and up to 12 GB of memory.

It retains the Warp Charge feature found on other OnePlus phones, giving you a full battery in minutes. The OnePlus 8 Pro also has a wireless charging feature. 

Like the other phones in this list, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are both great options for gaming. It will comfortably handle everything from card and puzzle games like PokerStars and Words With Friends, to more hardware-demanding titles like Cover Fire and Modern Combat 5

The base model is missing optical zoom from its rear cameras, but the 8 Pro has a telephoto lens with 3x zoom. It also has four separate rear cameras, giving you great options for close-up, macro, and night time photography. 

It also has 5G support, although only one of its two SIM slots has 5G enabled at launch, with a software update promised to add it to the second at a later date. 

At $699 it’s significantly cheaper than the Galaxy S20, so it offers excellent value for money. 

Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 is the oldest of these flagship devices, having hit shelves in October 2019. It still has plenty of power inside, however, since it also contains an octa-core CPU, but it’s only supported by 6 GB of memory. 

Its age also means it doesn’t support 5G, although that feature likely to be included on the Pixel 5, which will launch in around 6 months. 

It has three rear-facing cameras and also supports optical zoom. This makes it the cheapest flagship device to offer this feature. 

It may not be as feature-rich, has a slightly less vibrant screen, and has less internal storage, but it’s significantly cheaper than the others on this list. It did originally have a $799 price tag, but you can now pick it up for less than $600.

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