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5 Social Media Etiquette Rules For Businesses

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Growing your following online isn’t necessarily hard, but it does require you to pay attention to the way your communications will be received by your existing followers and the connections they are most likely to share them with. Realistically, this is the same thing real estate pros have been doing for decades in face to face meetings and on phone calls, just in a new environment. It’s also not surprising there are some rules that are quite specific to the medium, just like there are some etiquette rules that differ between face to face meetings and business phone calls. Let’s talk about how to show your business’s best side on social media.

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1. Be Accessible

Customers should be able to navigate your resources and communiques efficiently, without having to do extra work just to get basic service. Not only is an eye toward accessibility crucial to bringing in and retaining a diverse mix of clients, it’s also a legal requirement that more and more regulatory agencies are taking seriously. Using well-designed real estate email templates that work with alt text and other basic accessibility features is the first way to establish that you are working to provide them with the best experience possible. Using accessibility tools for other resources like your web site and app will not only help you achieve the same goal, it will often help your ranking in searches.

2. Learn To Read the Room

One of the basics of business communication is understanding timing and context when you put promotional material out there. The right promotion at the right time can make a joke land that connects you to the audience and their recent shared experiences, but at the wrong time it can present a boorish take on tragic events. On social media, there’s an additional layer to reading the room because viral discussions and news stories differ from platform to platform, so content that will be posted across multiple accounts has to work for every environment it is shared in.

3. Maintain a Positive Tone in Posts

If you don’t have a lot of practice communicating as a brand, it might be a good idea to get some hands-on help from a real estate marketing agency with a lot of digital marketing experience. Venting off, taking sides on local issues, or general negativity put off many customers, regardless of their agreement or disagreement with your take. Positive messaging about relevant real estate topics is essential to keeping people tuned in to your content.

4. Give Credit

Sharing content from other accounts is a core feature of social media. It’s how creators and brands spread their messages, and it’s expected. That being said, it’s also important to give credit. Tag article authors even if they have a byline, tag publications, add art credits for images you share from across the net. It’s worth taking a little time to search the origins for those pieces, because the backlash when you don’t give credit can be a lot of negative publicity.

5. Take It Easy With Hashtags

Participating in topical hashtags is a great way to build a following, but it can be overwhelming when they make up a lot of the post’s text content. On some platforms, they can even get your posts marked as spam. This is another area where social media marketing for real estate has a learning curve, and it might help if you started with help from experts.

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