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How to unlock all movies and series hidden on Netflix

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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming service providers in the world. Due to the immense workload, people are getting more addicted to the streaming service provider than watching movies in the theater. But do you know Netflix organize their suggestion to their users based on their geographical location? So, the users are not always getting the best out of Netflix. Since the geographical position plays a great role in the recommended movies, it is a tough task to explore all the contents that remain hidden in the Netflix server. But in this article, we will teach you some amazing tips that can give you access to all movies and series on Netflix. Let’s dive into the details.

Whether you love to settle down with a good film or enjoy nothing better than a box set, Netflix is the app for you

Using specific codes

By changing the URL structure of Netflix, a user can gain access to the hidden content without having any trouble. But this is a little bit problematic since the user has to depend on the complex setups. Basically when we have to work with an URL structure that will look like The XXXX is just a place holder for the number. So, how do we find the codes for the XXXX place holder? You can do that by with a great level of ease by searching the internet. For instance, if you want to watch action and adventure movies, the code will 1365. So the URL will be like You have to do the research and find these codes to access your desired content. For some of the users, it might be a little bit complex. Especially the app users will not like this concept as they will get the embedded streaming interface. For them, the best solution is the use of a VPN.

Use a VPN

The use of a VPN can give you a whole new level of experience while using Netflix applications. Most of the time, users don’t know how to access the content. And the mix things up while using the custom URL structure. But with the help of free VPN, they can change the location and access contents based on different geographical locations. It might seem complex at the initial stage but if you read about free VPN on Reddit it will be an easy task. While choosing the VPN, you should be careful as selecting the wrong VPN won’t bring any good results. Going for the most expensive VPN is not going to provide the solution rather they will complicate the things. To ensure the safe of Netflix, it is important to choose a well-balanced VPN.

Use the proxy server

Those who are skilled at changing the IP address and routing task can access the hidden contents by using the proxy servers. But this process works well when you use Netflix on your personal computer. But remember, the use of proxy servers can significantly slow down the internet and it will result in buffering and loss in the video quality. To ensure high-quality video content is streamed, it is super important that the user learn more about proxy server change. Unless you are experienced with the settings of IP configuration you should not do that. If the stakes are too high while using the proxy server why this is still on the list. The reason is nothing but the cut down the cost. You don’t have to spend a dime while choosing the proxy server. But remember, the proxy server equipment is low graded and you won’t be able to enjoy premium quality video content.

Changing your device

This might sound a little bit odd but changing your device can change the contents. The reason for which this trick work is the layout of the screen and build a version of the smart device. You can always test Netflix content on different devices and see the recommendations. It will give you access to more hidden content. But this is not going to give you access to the content that is designed for a specific region. For that, you should depend on the VPN service as it can unlock all the features.

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