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Law Firm SEO: 7 SEO Tips for Lawyers to Grow Website Traffic Post COVID-19 Pandemic

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the sine qua non of digital marketing solutions. If you don’t optimize your website with proper keywords and great content to be compatible with search engines then you are not maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising dollars. SEO will catapult your website to being the first among equals. Higher rank in search engine results means more primary traffic with better chance of conversion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the online activity of people according to this research. People are more on digital platforms to socialize, to order food and groceries, to watch a play or a concert, to follow fitness programs and to attend online classes.

Thus, the virtual world is the go to medium for any business including law firms. The way to realize the potential of the changed Internet usage characteristics is through SEO optimization.

Here are 7 SEO tips for your law firm to grow website traffic.

  1. New normal

It is possible that there will be a new normal once the COVID-19 pandemic comes under control. Therefore, you have to assume this would continue for a few years. Your SEO strategy has to be dovetailed to this mid- to long-term scenario. Actually, this is appropriate for a great SEO optimization strategy because optimization is truly a long term strategy. Further, SEO is not static, and you need to keep up to date with changes being made by search engines. You also need to keep abreast of new SEO techniques and rules.

  1. Content

Content is by far the most important element in any SEO strategy. Content is where you make a statement about your law firm and offer your services to people. Since online search is higher during COVID-19 it is sensible to fine tune your content to make it more interesting and informative to new customers. You can appeal to new customers looking for legal help. This is the right time to offer well-curated content to bag new customers.   

  1. Keywords

After content, keywords are the next most important element of SEO strategy. Keywords are even more important than content in the short term. Keywords are always changing as per the changes in the algorithms used in search engines. You need to be alive to the changes and be able to capture the changes quickly. Thus, you need to be updating your keyword list constantly and add new words. You should also guard against using too many popular keywords.

  1. On-page SEO

Your website appearing on the first page of SERP depends on the on-page SEO techniques you use. The key elements in on-site SEO techniques include HTML code optimization, quality and structure of content. It also uses technical elements that include internal links, headings and title tags. An excellent on-page SEO tactic would help you to drive more traffic to your website and what is more this will lead to high quality of web traffic that can lead to more conversions.

  1. Off-page SEO

While on-page SEO will help improve your SERP rank, off-page SEO will help you to get more people to your website. Off-page SEO involves all activity outside your website such as backlinks, social media links and relevance of links.

Backlinks are the primary off-page technique. This can be achieved by placing the link on other websites relevant to your law firm and your services. You could also achieve good backlinks through high quality blogs. The more trusted the site on which your backlinks occur the better it is for your SERP rank. You could also achieve good backlinks through social media posts. Domain authority is another off-page SEO factor that helps in finding your website more easily. The longer you have had a website and the more trusted it is the better for your website.  

  1. Loading time

Nobody likes a webpage that takes too long to load. In the severe competitive world it is important that your website loads as quickly as a customer clicks on the links. It is here that technical issues such as the design of the webpage, location of the headlines and sub-headlines play an important role to help load pages fast. People often ignore this as not being relevant to SEO but is a grave error that must be rectified. 

In the age of multiple devices, you have to optimize content to be readily available on multiple devices including mobile phones.

  1. Measure outcomes

You must realize that SEO is not a one-off affair but a continuous process. In order to evaluate and monitor your SEO activity you have to measure all outcomes and test whether they have achieved the objectives. If not, you have to tweak your strategies and tactics to make mid-course corrections.

In fact, it is here that you can avail the services of competent digital marketing agencies. Click Here Digital provides digital marketing services to top law firms to help them fine tune your digital marketing program. It makes sense to get a second opinion on your programs by an outside agency.

You can follow the above 7 SEO tips to ensure growth momentum in web traffic is maintained after COVID-19 pandemic has been brought under control.

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