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Top 7 Most Effective Tactics For Lead Generation

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Driving new leads towards your business is the number one priority of every capitalist organisation. We want custom, no custom means no trade. Any small to medium sized business owner can tell you that lead generation is a must-have, particularly when dealing with the online global marketplace.

So how do we effectively generate those leads and drive our own business to success? We listed the top 7 ways to bag yourself new clients, with minimal business fuss.

The 7 Best Ways to Generate New Leads

Generate new leads or drive traffic to your business by doing the following seven things.

1 – Social Media Accounts

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account for both you and your business then what have you been doing for the last two years? You are only as visible as the many extensions you can apply in the online world. Social media accounts are completely free, have fantastic advertising reach, and can make or break your career. It’s just that serious. Lead generation in the future will start here and end here, give it a generation or so and watch this space.

2 – Referrals

Second best, beside social media marketing, for generating leads, is the referral program. Offer 10% off to consumers that invite a friend to your platform who buys or interacts with your products. A good example of this is the China-West supplier WISH. This firm offers huge cash vouchers for referring a friend to their site and has a stream of new leads daily as a result.

3 – SEO

This is pretty basic, but you can’t drive traffic towards your online (or offline) store if your regular client base can’t find you. Optimising your pages to be found on both a local and a national level is the easiest way to get seen. Being seen means more business. Search Engine Watch estimates 33% of all traffic goes to the top spot in search results. You need that top spot.

4 – Mass Mails

Most web developers nowadays will ask you which features you want to include when building your webpage. Try to ask for an email subscription service promising lots of free additional content – and provide it. Those that sign up will be dedicated consumers who love your brand. They are also leading for sales.

5 – Keep a Blog

Another really easy way to keep at the top of the game is to blog weekly about your business. The reason for this? It helps you stay relevant, provide useful information, and hit new keywords as they emerge. This in turn allows you to stay ahead of the competition while you climb up the search ranks.

6 – Or Go Guest

If you are in the habit of blogging for your own business, it never hurts to guest blog on other people’s sites, in order to gain more exposure. There is nothing wrong with hitting up any people you have collaborated with in the past and sharing clients, particularly if your businesses are in the same sector but offer different things.

7 – Hire The Experts

If you can’t get your head around the whole internet marketing/lead generation business, then have no fear! Capitalism already has your back. You can bypass all 7 of our effective lead making strategies in one simple power move. All it takes is for you to hire New Orleans internet marketing services to do it all for you. Now it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

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