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Quick Tips to Help you Clear Mac Disk Space

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As you continue using your Mac, the disk space will fill up. Of course, there is an accumulation of files, documents, applications, videos, images, and other junk. Now, a Mac with inadequate disc space tends to be slower and quite annoying to use. That’s why you should ensure that you clear Mac disk space to keep your device running smoothly. Let us walk you over some ways to help you clear and manage your Mac disk space. 

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Delete old files

Do you have files that you saved in your Mac long ago, and you no longer need then? Well, the unnecessary files could be taking too much of your storage space. So, delete them to create some storage space. You can perhaps identify what is taking too much of your space by using hard disk analysis tools or do some manually. Start by browsing these specific locations and delete all the unnecessary stuff. You will find out that there are many old files taking up space when you don’t need them. Clear those big files and recoup back a good percentage of your disk space.

Delete duplicate files

If you have been using your computer for a long time, then there could be duplicate files killing your space. Find them manually or use tools to make work easier. Yes, there are apps that will declutter the Mac fast.

Clear cache

Your applications, browser, and macOS generate cache to help them run faster. But, over time, the cache grows, occupies a lot of storage space, and bogs your Mac for no good reason. You can use a Mac cleaner app to get rid of the cache. A cleaner app will get rid of the cache and all the junk that’s slowing your Mac performance. You can click on this guide to learn more about this and how to free up your space. Ultimately, clearing the cache will boost the performance of your Mac by increasing its speed and security.

Uninstall unused apps

Do you have applications in your Mac that you no longer use? If yes, you need to delete them. The unused applications could be taking too much of your storage space.

Save your files in the cloud

Apple offers you up to 5GB free cloud storage thanks to the iCloud. You can set up the iCloud storage in your Mac and move some files there. This will help you create more space in your Mac. The beauty is that if your files are saved in the cloud, you can access them from a different device. It is a great backup for critical files.

Get rid of attachments

Text and email attachment are sources of space-taking junk. They remain in your Mac long after deleting the texts or the email. You can clear the attachment manually by using the MacOS Optimize storage feature in your device. It will give you the option of removing the attachments that’s filling your disk space.

Clear the download folder

The download folder is where apps like email and browser dump their files. Over time, many files may accumulate in the download and take up a lot of storage space. We would advise that you go through your download folder from time to time and get rid of the unnecessary files there.

Empty the trash can

Files in the trash can will also take up your storage space. So, empty it from time to time to help clear up space in your disk space.

Wrap up

No one wants a slow Mac, not to mention the annoying notification pop-ups reminding you that your hard disk is almost full. Don’t wait for the space to shrink. Keep clearing up space in your disk regularly. You can use tools like a Mac cleaner to help keep your Mac running fast.







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