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Reasons why eSports betting is so popular in 2020

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How did esports betting begin?

eSports betting is a BIG THING right now to consider. This kind of betting was started with a less pull but soon it became highly popular among people, especially youngsters got highly attracted towards it due to its rising craze and revenue, over the last couple of years. This industry, eSports betting is growing so rapidly that it has been calculated that by the end of the year 2020, the global esports betting market will be worth nearly $30 billion.

 eSports betting

Now, its popularity can be visualised. $30 billion is not a small number, it is a MASSIVE FIGURE, especially in the present scenerio when esports are still under-the-table to some extent. There is a huge fan following of esports out there just like traditional sports fanbases such as for football, soccer and tennis. But for sure, a big crowd out of these traditional sports fanbases  don’t have idea what esports are all about. They surely don’t know anything about esports.

So, the question which arises here is ‘’what are esports plus how does esports betting work?’’

You can find these answers here just by going through this written stuff. So, let’s get straight into it and have a quick overview of what esports exactly are. See, esports is nothing but a short form of ‘electronic sports’ and it includes all competitive video games. Hence, we are talking about people who are playing video games but in a competitive atmosphere that’s why playing against eachother. This is not a new thing and almost every other person knows about these sports as we have been playing in our own homes ever since the first home desktop and gaming gadgets came out.

We have experienced th time when both competents had to play ONLY by sitting in front of same machine but now the opponents can compete from all over the world due to internet gaming.

Now let’s move further towards Esports betting. Betting on-and around-esports is such an immense market than many assume. The only BIGGEST opportunity in esports is betting. YES, video games are played officially in leagues and tournaments. Different teams and players compete for a prize money which can be in millions of dollars. This can be very astonishing for you but it’s 100% true and a MAJOR scene too. so it is obvious that esports are a great fun providing items but professional esports players are on a whole other level.

But how did esports betting actually start? See, back in year 2013/2014, a major wave came out when virtual were used instead of unregulated casino chips as aesthetics.

Popular games in esports betting:

No doubt there are dozens of video games in market but esports gambling circulates around some specific names. Some of the most popular names are listed here:

  • Bettlefield
  • Call Of Duty
  • Dota 2
  • Counter strike- Global offensive
  • League of legends
  • PUBG
  • Super smash bros
  • Rocket league
  • Starcraft II
  • Street Fighter
  • Heartshstone: Heros of Warcraft
  • Overwatch
  • Smite
  • FIFA football/Soccer
  • Halo
  • Heroes of the storm
  • World of tanks
  • CS:GO

You wonder how and why esports betting has become so much popular? Well, there are various valid reasons.

  1. Multiple chances to bet on:

The fact that you can have multiple chances to bet on is staggering. It is a noticeable fact that there are a lot of opportunities in esports to bet on in comparison with the number you thought there is.

eSports  are holding diverseness and they are easily distinguishable from one another due to their nature and complexity. For an instance, some games there are just an electronic version of traditional sports such as football, soccer and tennis. And thus these are more familiar to sports fanbase while other games are of fighting nature and remaining are strategy and racing based esports. So there is so much veriety in this aspect. Like, there may be most popular games such as league of legend and Dota2.

2.Quick results of bets:

There is an old saying, ‘‘Waiting is equal to half death’’ and that’s very true. Do you enjoy waiting for something or someone? The answer is a big NO. since, it is in human nature, we cannot wait for so long for something to come out. We wants and appreciate quick and fast results. eSports betting has this great charm in it. We don’t have to wait for the results for too long. Mostly, esports betting takes minuets to hours but not days or months in comparison with traditional sports betting.

     3.No need to be a pro:

Most of the crowd rely on their luck for betting. But those who win more than they loose are those ones who have a deep knowledge of the sports. But in esports betting you don’t have to calculate much before betting. You can simply rely on your basic knowledge of the sport that you watch and bet on. You can also rely on skilled team or player for betting. But even if you have no knowledge, you need far less research before betting. Also, your favourite athletes will never ever be injured physically due to fighting in esports. So there will be no chance of injury at the time of contest. And if they got some injury before the contest due to some other reasons, it will not prevent them from clicking some buttons.

  1. Correspondence with traditional betting:

Even if you are new to esports world, you still can take chances to bet in esports. But how? The answers is very simple. There are many esports there which are just electronic versions of traditional games such as racing, fighting, football, soccer and tennis. So, if you have knowledge about these traditional sports you can easily do esports betting.

  1. Room for growth:

since, this industry is growing extremely fast, everyday you can get a chance to bet and win. The growth, especially financial growth has no limits and boundries. Everyone can participate in esports betting irrespective of their colour and creed. Hence, it is THE BEST idea to join this growing industry.

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