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8 Best Animation Makers to Make Your Video Stand Out

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Many instances call for the use of animated videos, cartoons, and training visual aids. That includes social media campaigns, invitations on electronic media, and other educational purposes. For such projects to produce tangible results, you need an effective animation maker. Thus below are tools that you can use to make your video stand out from your competitors:

Animation Makers

  1. Mango Animation Maker 

Mango Animation Maker is the best animation maker that doesn’t require professional skills to use. Whether you want to make an explainer video, promo video, character video, whiteboard video, or training video, it simplifies the whole process. 

First, you can pick from any of the appealing pre-designed rich templates or come up with your own. Its media library avails you various images, widgets, shapes, and charts to blend with your videos. Also, it stocks numerous voice narration expressions to sink the message and captivate your audience further. 

Whatever audience you wish to target, the animation maker places 40 speaking dynamic roles at your disposal. With its infinite canvas, you can manage your content from whole to part or part to whole. 

When you use the lively camera settings such as zooming, rotating, or panning and couple it to animation effects like entrance, emphasis, and exit, Mango Animation Maker revolutionizes even lifeless content to an interesting one.

Please watch an eye-catching video made by Mango Animation Maker here:

  1. Pixteller

Even with limited technical designing skills, Pixteller animation maker allows you to make influential social media posts, banners, flyers, GIFs, and videos that can triple your conversion rate. PixBot permits you to create a customizable image and video template.  

Alternatively, you can pick from over 134,000 graphic images or 158 animated video templates and edit it to your demand. Inspiring features like custom fonts, clipping crop, and amazing filters make up for easy editing on the platform. 

With over a million photos and hundred thousand shapes, Pixteller offers unlimited choices, including uploading your photographs to incorporate into the animation. Then the linear, solid, or radial gradient brightens your visuals. 

  1. Biteable

You can’t market your content better without infusing stunning videos into your adverts. Biteable is one such animation maker you can try out. It gives you plenty of editing tools to trim unwanted footage or audio, crop video, add music, text, merge two videos, and even transform video into an image.

Its studio, stocks over 800,000 real-life footage clips and animations that go with every theme. Using a sure-fire foundational template and incorporating your products into the animation video, Biteable yields powerful animations. You can then share the visuals on different networks or keep it for future use. 

  1. Moovly

Without installing additional software, Moovly, a cloud-based animation maker service, helps you to create explainer videos, training videos, promo videos, and video tutorials. You can start from a blank canvas and build your video or use any of the provided numerous proficient templates and customize it to reflect your interest.  

Using a simple drag and drop technique, it makes every step trouble-free to implement. Besides, Moovly avails you millions of illustrations, footage, sounds, and music that resonates with different audiences. 

  1. Powtoon

Powtoon is a cloud-dependent animation maker for creating interactive animations like infographics, cartoons, whiteboards, and GIFs. From its media library, it’s rich in diverse templates, music, and images. For easy selection, its templates fall under three categories; personal, work, and educational. 

However, even a first time user will find it straight forward to navigate the platform. Also, it allows you to download your finished content in different formats like HD, Full HD, MP4, or even PDF. For the flexibility of use, it has different aspect ratios for the video like 16:9 and 1:1. 

  1. Renderforest

Renderforest, has the best online easy to use branding tools for making top-notch videos, logos, mockups, and whiteboards in few minutes when you have very limited technical know-how. Whether you want to create explainer videos, intros, music visualizers, or promotional videos, it has hundreds of expert-designed video templates for each category. 

That makes the creation of websites, logos, social media posts, and infographics trouble-free. You begin by choosing any of the extensive templates and customize it by adding a few visuals. The animation maker then employs tools like online logo makers, machine learning algorithms, and website builders to produce professional content. After that, the platform lets you decide on how you wish to download the file. 

  1. Animatron

Although straightforward to use, Animatron is an animation maker with a plethora of tools for producing stunning videos, animated graphics, GIFs, and invitations. Since it anchors on the latest HTML5 technique, it’s very safe. That means the created content is playable on computers or even smartphones. 

Unlike other video tools, Animatron allows two users to collaborate on the same content simultaneously. It permits you to upload videos, and fonts. You can then merge, trim, crop, and give them your signature. And while doing all that, its user interface is friendly for novice and experienced video editors. 

  1. Crello

From creating professional animated videos, banners, and presentations to fuel your social network campaigns, Crello forms the right animation maker software. It places a surplus of incredible tools, stock images, 30,000plus pro graphic designed templates, and HD animations at your disposal.  

Creating your audiovisual content is straight forward. Select a video format you want. Then pick on either a pre-made template from the library or upload your preexisting content. Then using the provided tools, trim the video, add images, text, or animated objects. For more creativity, the animation maker also allows you to design your content from zero. 


You don’t have to possess far-reaching video editing skills to use the above animation maker tools. For you to sink a powerful message to your audience, you need to accompany your text with cartoons, infographics, and animation videos. Therefore, the above programs are essential in giving your business a unique logo and voice. 

If you want to send a message that compels your audience to take action, then animated videos are vital. So why don’t you try out any of the above tools? Take that bold step today and promote your advertisement to the next higher level.

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