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Dangerous technology – are we really at risk?

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There’s no denying the impact and influence that technology has on our lives and the world around us. You’ll find technology in every home and every business – it’s revolutionized the way we communicate, transformed the medical industry and makes the world more accessible than ever before.

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But technology isn’t without its flaws. And as we become more and more dependent on tech, it’s important to recognize the negative impact that extensive technology exposure can have on our mental and physical health. Read on to discover the potential dangers of technology and if we’re really at risk.

Accidental death

Sometimes technology can pose a real threat to your mortality, with technology-related deaths a real problem. For example, accidents involving self-driving cars and even defective products – get in touch with a wrongful death lawyer if you’ve lost a family member due to negligence – are, unfortunately, not uncommon. 

Although sometimes a mixture of technology and human error can spell disaster. People taking dangerous selfies, using their smartphones while driving and causing crashes, or even walking into oncoming traffic whilst checking social media. When used incorrectly, technology could threaten your life! 

Digital eye strain

You’re probably aware of how prevalent technology is in our everyday lives. It’s there when we wake up, when we commute, when we’re working, and it’s waiting for us when we get back home again. We spend most of our days staring at screens, which can lead to digital eye strain and subsequent vision problems. Blurred vision, chronic dry eyes, headaches, and even musculoskeletal pain can be incredibly debilitating. 

Weight gain

The biggest impact that tech can have on your physical health, is on your waistline. Obesity is a massive problem in today’s society with many healthcare professionals making a link between hours of sitting and using tech and not burning enough calories. When we use tech we also tend to eat more, which again results in weight gain. Heart problems, diabetes and additional strain on your joints and ligaments all result in a lower quality of life. 

Lack of sleep

Too much screen time during the day often results in a lack of sleep on a night. The blue light emitted from screens sends signals to the brain that prevents us from relaxing and getting ready for sleep. The perpetual glare from screens also means that melatonin (the sleep chemical) is reduced, which makes it difficult to sleep. A lack of sleep is damaging to your mental health and your physical wellbeing too. 

Your mental health

Technology and social media go hand in hand, and social media is often considered to be the highlights reel of someone’s life, which means they’re only showing their best bits. Despite this, many users often feel a sense of jealousy and dissatisfaction in their own lives, which simply don’t compare to the glossy, highly edited lives of their friends and the social media influencers they follow. This kind of obsession with technology and social media can have a real detrimental impact on mental health, leading to anxiety and depression. 

Final thoughts…

Technology plays a vital role in our everyday lives, however, we must remember to use and consume it carefully. 

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