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Top Five Educational Mobile Apps to Make Your Study Easier

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Phones and computerized gadgets are no longer a distraction to students. With the right apps, the phone or gadget becomes a magical tool to make learning easier and enjoyable. The apps will also help you to get nursing assignment help to improve your grades and leave you with more free time to enjoy your college experience.

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Apps come in different formats based on the kind of assistance they seek to provide to students. Some are designed for specific subjects while others can be used on multiple subjects. Here are the top apps that will make your education easier and enjoyable.

  1. EdX

The app is designed to gather materials from different colleges into a single platform. While you do not get a degree or certificate from the app, you have all the insightful materials you need to ace your work in college. Content on EdX is grouped into different disciplines including statistics, history, medicine, history, and computer programming, among others. The materials, despite coming from some of the most prestigious colleges around the world are free. You have no excuse to fail any unit.

  1. Google Play Books

The app plays in the league of the best educational apps because of its variety of content as well as its organization. It has a lot of free materials that will serve an ordinary student. If you want more advanced resources, you can still buy them at a reduced priced on the platform. It has world class materials ranging from fiction to non-fiction and fantasy, among others. It is one of the few credible sources of the latest ebooks in the market.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy ranks among the most robust and respected educational materials platforms. With more than 10,000 instructional classes, videos, and instructional materials, it is considered a global library. To sweeten the deal, it has an app specifically designed for kids. Such a repository beats any other app in the market. Khan Academy is definitely one of the best educational apps for learners at all grades.

  1. MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 targets math enthusiasts and those who could be struggling with the subject. It is so easy to use since you can write out the math problems with your finger or stylus. The app is automated to convert your math and solve it. It is available free of charge but comes with an upgrade option at $2.99.

  1. Udemy

The app has gone beyond the provision of learning materials to actual courses. The platform has more than 32,000 instructional materials ranging from science to technology, arts and humanities. You can access both free and paid courses based on personal preference. Some of the most fantastic courses on the platform are free. However, you can also pay for others, giving you access to incredible content.

Apps provide learning materials and will make your studies easier. Always consider the quality of materials contained in the apps before downloading. Reviews from students or a referral from peers will also help you to choose the best app for your studies.

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