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7 Basic SEO Tips to Index and Rank New Content Faster

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Anyone who hasn’t had their head under a rock for the past five years will know that having a good SEO game is the best way for customers to find you. Those who are newly emerged from their rocks? Welcome to the future.


Here are 7 ways in which you can improve how far up the list of Google search results that your business ranks. You can thank us by hiring a company that can  increase your visibility by a company like providing SEO services.

7 SEO Tips that your Business Needs

Let’s delve straight into the best ways to boost your rankings using SEO.

1 – Add a Contacts Page

Top of the list for all of us is putting an address on our contacts’ page. A page is essential if you want to increase your local hits and rank higher in your region. If you mention where you are, then it is much easier to do this.

2 – Google My Business

Are you on Google Maps? No? Didn’t know how? Google my Business is the tool you need to ensure that clients can see you on the map. Since Google Maps is one of the most frequently used tools for GPS, you will be showing up to whoever passes through town. If they pass through more than 7 times – you’ve got them.

3 – Blogs

Do you keep a blog? If not, why not? If you don’t want to spend a full day writing one, go onto PPH and find someone who can write it for you for a small fee. Do this once a month and issue your writer with the instructions to boost your keyword density. They will write you blogs that hit those keywords, which are words connected to your business.

A blog also keeps your site up-to-date in the algorithms, so we are really all ought to be doing it.

4 – Location

Don’t forget to mention your location on a few of your other pages, too. This ups your local search result ranking and makes you visible to people in those areas. It is essentially adding a lift-me-up to your already filled in contacts’ page.

5 – Backlink Building

Get in touch with your collaborators (the people you send excess clients to, your designers, your contributors) and ask them to link to your site using their own site or blog. The more backlinks to your page you can get, the more Google rates it as ‘valuable’. This pushes you up in their eyes.

6 – Internal Link Building

Another link tip is to use them to link back to your own pages, when you are writing those new blogs. Make all of your pages link together in a way that makes the user experience more effortless. This will help generate a useful, valuable, information-filled site that Google will adore.

7 – FAQs

Last but by no means least, add in a FAQs page. This simple thing allows you to hit as many keywords as possible on your own pages. You can even insert long tail keywords here, which might be commonly asked questions associated with your business.

Overall SEO Tips

The more valuable and worthwhile your page, the more Google wants it. Keep updated, add blogs, and hit your keywords. Within as little as a week you could see massive changes in positioning by following these 7 simple tips.

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