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Smart Home Trends You Should Know About Today

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Technology has changed the way we work and live in considerable ways in recent years. At home, this has especially been seen with the rise of the “smart home.” Today, increasing numbers of people live in a place where connected devices make the surroundings more comfortable, entertaining, economical, and even safe.

Smart Gadgets

Whether you haven’t yet joined the smart-home arena or have but only in a small way, or simply like to know about every new development, it pays to keep up to date on current trends. Here are a few to investigate.

More Robots

Robots are increasingly common in various industries now, including manufacturing and healthcare. However, our homes are also set to welcome these tech devices more often. To date, designers have shown us that robots can help with tasks such as cleaning, cooking, mowing, and providing health assistance and companionship within a home.

Over time, though, machines will likely also help people to improve their sleeping and eating habits. They’ll provide reminders and personalize assistance based on owner preferences. The real area of growth right now is in personal assistant robots. These gadgets can help owners with daily tasks around the home and even learn over time and understand how to make complex decisions and predict behaviors.

For example, there’s the Ballie ball-shaped robot Samsung revealed at CES 2020 in Las Vegas early this year. It’s a smart-voice assistant that can make real-time decisions based on an owner’s past requests and current mood. For instance, it can learn to clean up dog mess before being asked to do so.

Personalized Security

We know smart home gear has already become popular in the security arena. Smart doorbells, locks, and cameras have allowed people to control access remotely, stop worrying about carrying a key, and determine if there’s movement around their home when they’re not in it.

Now, though, security is going higher-gear in a bid to counteract some problems. Unfortunately, many modern security devices have been hacked by cybercriminals who have used the gadgets’ internet connections as a way of breaking in and compromising smart home security. To limit this, manufacturers are developing more consumer-level personalized security.

They’re designing systems that identify individual family/household members through biometrics. For example, there are increasing numbers of fingerprint-enabled locks. The benefit of these solutions is that it means credentials are less likely to be stolen or used by anyone else.

Invisible Charging

In this technology-driven age where we’re surrounded by a growing number of devices, we’re all used to seeing cords and wires everywhere. However, smart home designers are looking to change this as they turn charging invisible. To combat visual clutter from messy cords and batteries, they’re using more wireless charging options.

Providers such as Israeli-based Wi-Charge have created ultra-compact chargers that plug into light and power sockets, or can even be embedded right into devices by partnering manufacturing brands. These kinds of chargers power gear via infrared beams and can work accurately within a 30-foot range.

Smart Kitchens

While initial smart home products focused on the living and entertainment zones, now the kitchen is really coming into its own. Today’s kitchen fit-outs often incorporate intelligent fridges that can sync grocery lists to smartphones, send alerts regarding maintenance, update users about expiring food, and read recipes to cooks while they work, amongst other things.

Plus, manufacturers are looking to make kitchens possess even better learning capabilities. For instance, they’re developing AI features in machines that respond to voice and gestures. The tech will be able to handle tasks such as changing lighting, opening cupboards, and providing updates on what to add to grocery lists. There’s even modular technology coming to market that allows people to activate countertop scales or open drawers with the brush of a hand, or use faucets hands-free.

Connected Bathroom Features

Bathrooms aren’t missing out on the smart home advances, either. While connected tech in the wet room isn’t the mainstream yet, soon enough, we may all be relying on digital assistants and other products in this room to run our baths, flush toilets, improve ventilation, and release air freshener and aromatherapy scents.

We’ll be able to live more sustainably and save money, too. Smart products in the bathroom will help us to save considerable amounts of water throughout the year.

The above is just a small taste of the direction the smart home is going in. Keep an eye on the latest trends so you know what’s possible and when the latest and greatest products become available. They may soon start changing your home life for the better.

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