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High Performance Under Small Body

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I believe everyone is no stranger to Bluetooth speakers. In the impression of most users, Bluetooth speakers are brick-sized, not small enough to carry. Users who buy HONOR Mini Speaker will not have this worry. It is Mini, but what is its performance?

mini bluetooth speaker

If you just look at its packaging box, you will be surprised that it is a speaker? Because it is small, the whole machine is only 54* 54* 55mm. The weight is less than 120g, only the size of the palm. Even female users with small hands can master one hand. The speaker as a whole adopts a simple design style and has a strong sense of quality. It can even be used as decorations on the table and integrated into various office supplies or cosmetics.

HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker is designed in red. It is named “raspberry red”. The whole is much like a small Rubik’s Cube, or a lovely little strawberry, or a delicious red velvet cake, etc. The housing is designed as a replaceable silicone sleeve. You can take off the outer silicone sleeve and replace it with your favorite silicone sleeve to show your personality.

The small and fashionable HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker is convenient to carry. It can be hung on the bag with woven hanging rope to become a portable music player.

For a Bluetooth speaker of average size, it is impossible to expect it to have excellent subwoofer performance. In the limited fuselage space, it is difficult to put down the better woofer. The HONOR Rubik’s Cube Mini speaker has changed the tradition. Although the HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker is small, the explosive force of the sound is great. If the volume is turned up high, there will be no broken sound. It is worth mentioning that its bass performance is powerful and even surprises you. Such a small figure can bring such a shocking bass effect.

Small speakers can have more ways to play. If you happen to have two HONOR Mini Bluetooth speakers, you can use the two speakers to form left and right channels, and use mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other playing equipment to build a portable home cinema to enjoy the stereo field brought by the left and right channels. The pairing method is simple. The two speakers are in the startup state at the same time. Double-click the function key on one of the speakers, and the two speakers can be connected after approaching.

The HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker has a MicroUSB charging interface on the side of the body. Lithium batteries are built into the body, which performs well in standby endurance. Full charging can bring 4 hours of music playing time, which is rare for such a small body.

This small Bluetooth speaker with high color value has a full sense of design and looks good. In terms of sound quality, the performance is good, which can give you more shock than you can imagine. Moreover, the call function and 4-hour playing time make it more competitive.

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