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10 Actionable Web Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Clicking

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When you decide to develop a website, your main objective is to get more clicks and visits. The more you reach out to your audience, the better your website will perform. The design of your website also plays an important role in attracting a bigger audience. The web design trends that were popular a few years ago are looked down upon today. Tucson web designers are knowledgeable enough to understand what actionable web design ideas will increase your website visits. This blog post will outline 10 actionable web design ideas that will bring you more clientele.

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  • Simple, Modern Web Design

Clean and modern is what people want to see. Do not over-complicate your website so that the user gets lost when attempting to navigate it. The design should be minimal with an obvious spotlight on the aspects that matter. Less is more is the rule to follow for your web design.

  • Fun Web Design

People should find your website interesting, even on the first interaction. Having a strong emotional appeal throughout your website is a great way to attract visitors. Add a relatable meme or something that makes them laugh if that is appropriate.

  • Reduce Color

Colors are important for your website’s identity. Most iconic websites and brands are recognized by their color choices. Even still, you do not want to overwhelm your visitors with too many colors. The white space on your webpage is very important for the visual appeal of the web design. Stick to a few basic colors that define your brand.

  • Classic Web Design

Classic never goes out of fashion. Vintage web designs evoke a sense of nostalgia in your audience. There are some fonts and certain colors associated with the beginning of the internet. They will always be special to visitors who were alive during that period of time.

  • Obvious Call to Action

Ensure the call to action is prominent on your website. A site visitor should not have to look for it. The flow of your website should take your visitor eventually to the CTA.

  • Thinking of End Users

A designer, when building a web design, should always think of the end-user. It would be best if you considered benefits over features when designing a website.

  • Improved Readability

Your web design heavy relies on typography, which means if you nail typography, the website will turn out fine. A few things to consider are the font, contrast, line spacing, and hierarchy of the text.

  • One Page Website

If possible, consider presenting all the information on a one-page web design. When all the important information is present on one page, it is more convenient for the end-user. However, make sure not to over-crowd the web page.

  • Incorporate Videos

This is the best way of presenting your brand story. The customer might not read an entire page of the brand story, but videos connect differently and make more of an impact.

  • Prioritize Mobile

Five years ago, people visited websites primarily on their desktop computers. Today, the majority of browsing is done through the mobile phone. That is why you should make having a mobile website design your biggest priority in 2021.

These are only 10 of the best web design ideas that can improve your website performance. If you want people to visit your website, then you need to guide their actions in the right direction.

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