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Why Dating Websites Do Not Meet Your Expectations

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Dating websites and applications are used by millions of people around the world. And you’ve probably read amazing stories about couples that met on the Internet and have lived happily together ever since. And yes, most of these stories are real. But why then there are so many people for whom online dating falls short?

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There are many factors that can greatly spoil the online communication itself and the subsequent personal meeting. In today’s article, we will describe these factors and the way they can be easily avoided.

Five reasons why your expectations might not be met

Reason №1. Inaccurate information. We all tend to embellish information about ourselves. But in the end, the reality may turn out to be very far from what is written in the profile. Someone only fantasizes a little in order to arouse more interest in themselves. Someone invents non-existent facts and dilutes the real ones. And someone creates a fake account. Naturally, a live meeting with such a person will only cause disappointment. Therefore, the main advice is to write the truth in your profile. Secondly, do not 100% trust what others write.

Reason №2. Old profile pictures. We recommend that you update at least your cover photo regularly. It should be not older than six months. You may not notice any change in yourself, but your appearance is constantly changing. And if the interlocutor sees that the person in front of him is completely different from what he saw in the photo, he will be disappointed. For the same reason, you shouldn’t edit your photos too hard. They should be natural.

Reason №3. High expectations and bias. Many of us tend to greatly idealize those people we like. We simply do not notice the shortcomings, but concentrate on the positive things. This does not mean that you need to look for flaws in each interlocutor. Just try to be more objective and soberly assess what kind of person is in front of you. So you will avoid disappointment in the future, when the veil from your eyes falls off.

Reason №4. Lack of a clear goal. Think about what you really expect from online dating. Just communication, friendship or a serious relationship? Once you understand your goal, you will be able to systematically go towards it. Also, you need to quickly understand whether your goals coincide with those of your interlocutor. After all, if they don’t, it might not be worth wasting time. By the way, the choice of a platform for dating and communication on the Internet depends on this.

Reason №5. Incorrectly chosen communication format. Most modern people continue to meet and communicate mainly via texting. It’s certainly easier: there is no hesitation, as in a conversation, there is more time to think about the next phrase, and so on. But there is another side to it – it is very difficult to get to know a person by texting with them only. In this regard, anonymous video chats become a real salvation, in which you can communicate with interlocutors in video format and get to know them better in just one evening.

Communication in Omegle and its alternatives

Anonymous video chat Omegle became the first chatroulette in history and the foundation for creating many analogues. It allowed millions of people to meet and communicate with strangers, find interesting topics for conversation, and later even meet in real life and build strong offline relationships.

Omegle video chat practically eliminates all the disadvantages of Internet communication described above. No old photos and fake accounts – you can immediately see what kind of person is in front of you. Of course, they can also tell unreal facts about themselves. But in general, there are not enough fakes in chat roulette. Especially if you use popular Omegle alternatives:

  1.  Chatrandom. If the basic functionality of Omegle isn’t enough for you, try Chatrandom. The main advantage of this platform is the geographic and gender filters. Plus, there are thematic chat rooms for several participants, which also perfectly help to brighten up your leisure time and find like-minded people.
  2.  OmegleAlternative. This is a real find for those who want to meet attractive girls for communication, flirting or even serious relationships. The site is designed specifically for men who want to quickly and conveniently get acquainted with ladies.
  3.  Bazoocam. This chat roulette was launched a little later than Omegle – in 2010. At first, the website was very popular only in France, but now it is known all over the world. And at the moment Bazoocam is in the TOP-10 random video chats.
  4.  Chatspin. As with many Omegle alternatives, here you can also choose the gender and geolocation of the interlocutors. At the moment, the site is not top-notch, but it has every chance of getting ahead of the competition soon. First of all, due to the convenience, quality of communication and speed of work.
  5.  Shagle. This video chat is called one of the fastest growing. In addition to geographic and gender filters, Shagle offers users a modern and simple interface. The website is included in the TOP 200 thousand in the Alexa ranking. And this is a very good indicator for anonymous video chat, unattainable for most Omegle alternatives

We recommend trying video chats first of all for those who want to avoid dating fakes and do not like to text. One click, and you are already communicating with a new interlocutor via video link. Moreover, many websites allow you to do this directly from your smartphone.

Registration on most anonymous chat roulettes is not required. As well as filling out a profile. You just go to the website, give it access to the webcam and microphone, press the start chat button and chat with a random interlocutor. Fast, convenient and without any pitfalls. Of course, video chats also have their drawbacks. But there are not so many of them, and usually they do not cause inconvenience to the average user.

And the most important thing – video chat is a great opportunity to get to know a person better and avoid disappointment in a real meeting. Enjoy your time dating online!

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