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3 Tips For Responding To Comments On Social Media

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If you have social media accounts for your business, you’re going to be getting all kinds of comments and messages through those accounts. While some of the comments you get will be positive and praising, others will likely come from customers who aren’t happy with something about their experience working with you. 

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When these kinds of comments occur, how you handle the situation can have a big impact on your business. So to help ensure that you go about things in the right way, here are three tips for responding to comments on social media. 

Acknowledge The Comment With A Quick Response

The best thing you can do when someone comments in your business account, be it a positive or a negative comment, is to be quick with an acknowledgement and a response to that person. If they had something nice to say, thank them for their business and move on. But even if the comment was negative, you still need to address it.

According to Kate O’Sullivan, a contributor to Small Biz Daily, responding promptly to negative comments helps your followers and customers to see that you take their complaints or other issues seriously. Also, it will show to the person you’re responding to that you’re being proactive about rectifying the situation in any way that you can so that this negative comment won’t turn into an overall negative experience for that customer or client. 

Work From Prepared Scripts

While you may have only worked on preparing copy for your social ads in the past, having something ready for your comment responses can also be a benefit to you and your customer service or social media staff.

Especially when dealing with the negative comments, Jared Atchison, a contributor to, suggests that you have some scripts prepared to help your employees know what to say when certain situations arise. This will help them be able to keep their cool as well as help to mitigate these types of situations from spiraling out of control. 

Move The Conversation To A Private Place

If it’s going to take some time and effort to work through the problem or issue regarding the negative comment you received, Wendy Baird, a contributor to Social Media Today, shares that the best thing you can do is move the conversation to a private place. Depending on the social platform in which you got the comment, you may want to send the commenter a private message or an email so that you can get things taken care of without having a huge audience. This can also protect the privacy of your customer if you need to get additional information from them to move forward with a solution. 

If you’re getting comments on social media that you haven’t been responding to, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know what to say.

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