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3 Smart Lighting Trends that Will Reshape Society

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The fourth industrial has magical technologies that reshape society. Some of them include the internet of things (IoT), blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and robotics.

There will be new ways of obtaining food, shelter, and clothing. The needs will change the economy, altering the ways of doing business. So, what should you do to adjust to the trending technology?

Smart Energy

The best thing you can do is to find out what lies in each of the trending technology. And apply it in adjusting your business to changing times.

Additionally, you can realize an opportunity in the trend if you currently don’t run a business. And invest in it to change your life and that of society.

This article dives into intelligent lighting, a portion of IoT and artificial intelligence. Read on to identify scalable and profitable opportunities.

What Is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is trending IoT usage in lighting. It is applicable in various industries to improve control and boost the scalability of operations.

The most typical bulbs used in smart lighting are LEDs. Why do you need LEDs and not traditional incandescent lighting bulbs?

The sole reason for applying light-emitting diodes in smart light is their power to conserve energy. They possess outstanding heat management.

Better yet, their directional property makes them easier to control with trending technologies such as the internet of things.

Besides, you can produce any color from LED primary colors— red, green, blue, and amber. For instance, running an electric current in Compact Fluorescent’s phosphoric wall enables you to produce UV white light.

Where to Use Smart Lighting in Society

1.   Healthcare

Research shows that UV lights from LEDs are best in controlling pathogens in medical centers.

Various disease-causing micro-organisms thrive under varying temperatures and wavelengths. Since you can control UV light wavelength, it is possible to apply smart lights in disinfecting surfaces in hospitals.

For instance, a wavelength of 240 to 280 nanometers kills pathogens such as E. Coli, Pseudomonas. Consequently, you can use it to control smallpox lesions.

Apart from hospitals, you can apply UV lights in water and purification at home.

2.   Smart Buildings

As technologies advance, so do criminal activities rise. For instance, more criminals penetrate buildings if they know there is subpar surveillance.

Now, with smart lighting, you can connect various devices on the buildings to monitor security. For example, you can control the speakers, thermostats, and bells with smart lights.

To achieve that, approach a renowned LED lights supplier such as LED iBond. They will present you with a package, enabling you to connect your smart home to an IoT platform in the cloud.

You can then use your home’s smart lights to control devices in the building. This happens through the high sensing power of the devices, making them communicate amongst each other.

The more exciting part is that you are empowered to control the building’s entertainment and security with your mobile device remotely.

3.   Vertical Farming

Economically, smart lighting is here to change how your society produces food. The motivation behind smart lighting in vertical farming is that farming land diminishes while the population grows.

Scientists predict 80 percent of society to live in cities by 2050. To survive, you will need to locate other ways to produce food such as UV lighting.

Here, you can regulate wavelengths and color to grow crops such as vegetables. The turn of the crops is almost six months under appropriate conditions such as pink (coloring).

You could be wealthier quickly if you implement this idea now— due to the control and scalability of such projects.


As the population grows, there are new challenges facing society. Technological growth helps solve the emerging issues. For instance, smart lighting improves building security and entertainment.

It provides a healthier society through better illumination and healthcare. The best part is that you can invest in vertical farming to improve your economic status.

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