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UX / UI design – How to get into these professions?

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What is UX / UI Design?

UI-design (User Interface Design) is a direction of development of digital products, which includes work on the visual design of a brand/website/application or service. The user interface should be beautifully designed, meet modern standards and at the same time remain convenient. Moreover, convenience is important in UI design, since it includes not only the creation of beautiful icons. They should let the client understand what function they perform, and other parts of the interface should have a clear hierarchy.

Main features:

  • Applies only to digital products;
  • Focuses on the elements that the user directly interacts with;
  • Creates the perfect combination of fonts, color palettes, shapes and animations;
  • As a result, a product that satisfies the aesthetic preferences of the user is obtained.

The main task of a UI designer is to help the user quickly and stress-free understand how to use a product: a website, an application, a program, a payment terminal, a microwave oven or a TV remote control. For this, the designer makes sure that the interface meets the basic requirements.

UX design (User Experience Design) is designing an interface based on research on user experience and behavior.

UX design is responsible for the functions, adaptability of the product and what emotions it evokes in users. The clearer the interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and perform the target action.

UX / UI design is the design of any user interfaces in which usability is as important as appearance.

The goal of the UI / UX designer is to bring the user to some logical point in the interface, to make the user achieve his goal.

So, the UX designer is responsible for convenience, and the UI is responsible for a beautiful appearance. And together they create a high-quality product that is simple and logical to use and pleasant to the eye. If you are looking for a reliable website developer and a unique design, then we recommend using our services: We guarantee you a responsible attitude to work and full compliance with your requirements. We pay due attention to each client and make sure that you are satisfied.

Requirements for high-quality UX / UI design

UX - UI design

  • Clarity

There is no ambiguity in the interface, and the text and structure guide the user to the goal;

  • Conciseness

The interface is not overloaded with tooltips, pop-ups and animations;

  • Recognition

Design elements are easy to recognize, even if a user sees your site for the first time. Make the interface intuitively understandable.

  • Equal usability

For example, in an application and on a website, interface elements – menus and lists – should work the same on every page;

  • Aesthetics

Make the interface visually attractive, so the user will be pleasant to work with, nothing will annoy him or distract him from solving problems;

  • Efficiency

A good interface also saves the user time and gets him to the desired point with minimal effort;

  • Loyalty and care

No user is immune from errors. Think of caring messages in case something went wrong. This will help save money, time and customer loyalty in the event of a failure.

How to become a UX / UI designer?

First, understand who you want to be: a UX or UI designer.

It is worth doing UI design if you want to work on the visual part. If you prefer to think over the logic of user interaction with the product, analyze, test and make the interface convenient, then choose UX. 

The skills of a UX/UI designer include:

  • empathy (understand what users need);
  • design thinking;
  • visual experience (incentives for inspiration can be found on Dribbble, Uplabs, Behance, Pinterest);
  • knowledge of tools (for example, Figma, Sketch, Illustrator).

Why study to be a UI / UX designer?

  1. These professions are now one of the most popular and are among the top 25 highest-paid professionals in the American market;
  2. These specialists have great opportunities for growth;
  3. A UI / UX designer has a high salary;
  4. These specialties provide a unique chance to combine analytical work with creativity.

The popularity of professions is due to the fact that for a dynamic, highly competitive IT market, user experience and visual have become the key to the development of any company.

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